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6 Nights, 6 Days in the desert ... and counting

I've officially spent 6 nights and 6 days out here in the depths of the Mojave Desert.

The altitude here is around 3300 in elevation, the nights are cold but the days are mild and sometimes even sunny.

The desert is so gorgeous …

Yellows, oranges, hazel browns and pale blue skies are all I see …

I am falling in love with the calm of the desert ... I feel like I live in a protected sanctuary with candles lit all around us ...

Our third night was surreal. After a delicious meal, we ran out into desert staring at the beauty of the night sky. It was mind-blowing ! There really is nothing quite as fulfilling as voluptuous dose of Nature :)

I feel the deep sense of peace that I have been yearning for has finally been fulfilled.

The ability to look out out of window and see NOTHING. No neighbors , no buildings … there is absolutely no one out here except the faint view of two other small houses from a distance,  that sit in their own isolated plot of land.

That is so rare … and how man…

ELEVEN Nights in the Desert ...

... there is much that wants to be Said ... my Heart wants to Speak ... and I will let it speak on Sacred Scrolls embossed with Gold ♥ I will delicately prepare this manuscript, tying it taut with violet ribbons of silk. I am journeying into the desert for 11 nights , staying in a beautiful, rustic desert home ... this retreat that we will have to ourselves has its own well, an outdoor hot tub that looks upon the Stars, an outdoor fire ,  swimming pool and sits on 5 untouched acres of land. In ELEVEN nights, kissed by desert Stars, warmly embraced and abundantly provided for by Nature, I will finally complete the writing of my Book.Loving and thanking you for your presence in my Life ... ♥

Observing a Queen

Dedicated to a beautiful female friend ...

Caught unawares in her Dance ... her Holy trance disrupted ... the Harmony of her ritual broken ...

This woman who is in tears ... whose voice trembles ... she believes she fears yet her heart stays open ... and her lips Blossom ... as she begins to speak to Divinity ... having lengthy conversations with the Infinite ...

Knowing Purity so intimately, she is guileless, she is modest, she is humble ... this woman whose cries I hear ... who becomes exquisitely Vulnerable in the wake of her pain  ... offering those who love her, a precious glimpse into Alchemy ...

Like a Butterfly whose final challenge is to escape its silken womb ... she extricates herself from numbing anguish ... revealing Beauty, becoming whole again ...

Now a winged creature worthy of admiration for she has shared her heart so generously ...

Thank you for showing me how deep your love runs ... you truly are a Queen ...

And any man who can See you , must surely be a King ...

Black Butterflies ... My Journey to India ...

My story is told here ...

written by Mahira Amir Khan
copyright Mahira Amir Khan 2011

Beautiful Guidance ...

Beautiful Guidance ♥ ... oftentimes Guidance speaks and instructs us to do what challenges us ... actions that cause us pain , forcing us to be vulnerable, prompting us to take steps that we have no desire to undertake ... but Guidance has to be listened to ... because any delays in heeding her Wisdom creates multiple wounds ... in all directions ... So Listen to Guidance ... she seeks to Heal you ... truly she wants only the BEST for you ... and eventually she will get her Way ... ♥
written by Mahira Amir Khan
copyright Mahira Amir Khan 2011

Two Golden Birds - written by me :)

There once lived two Golden Birds. They chirped happily, flying in innocent delight.

These pure feathered beings, abundantly blessed were raised by loving winds. They sang across oceans, seeing wonders rarely spied , drinking in honeyed pleasure , they cooed... The sky their delicious playground, their joy lit the Heavens.

One day, drunk on miracles, they raised their sights choosing to fly toward the Sun.
In reckless speeds they grazed against its might ...
Each one scorched an incandescent wing, falling quickly, spiraling down to harsh lands .
Each one crying in pain . A pain that they had never experienced before. It was then that they craved each other, yearning for the sap of love to heal.

Yet these wings, so torn, would not stretch to embrace ... they would not nourish the other ... their wounds so raw ... they could not love each other anymore ... they could not love anyone anymore ....

Beautiful birds, they knew not that they bore the signature of the Mighty Eagle ... 


Who is She ?

Who is She ?

She Loves Ferociously like a Warrior
Abundantly Blessed by her Father, Adored by her Mother
Regal is her Blood,  soft shoulders  graced by nobility
All her Life, Soul and thoughts in celebration of God, this is She. written by Mahira Amir Khan
copyright Mahira Amir Khan 2011

' TORN '

I am torn
I am no longer whole
I am crying within
Arriving at the grey
of numbness
I find no peaceful rest

My Paradise
snatched away
by hostile hands
My place of Beauty
pillaged and burned

All that brought me solace
proven to be a lie
All that brought me love
now brings me hate

Yes all that brought me love
I  will not trust again

My heart
thoroughly shy
has closed
deeply hurt
slashed by brutal cuts
refusing to open again
to feel more pain

This flower will not blossom
it has no nectar
no dewy petals to boast

its perfume lost
amongst wild, hostile winds

Happiness once my mantra
Delight which was my Being
now an absent dream

This new reality
empty and desolate
I close the shackles
that lace my chest

I sleep ...
written by Mahira Amir Khan
copyright Mahira Amir Khan 2011

Crumble ... and Rise ...

Crumble to the point of no return, feeling deep loss , you have surrendered all ... yet upon entering the vacuum you come across its startling scenery ... enjoying what forms before you ...Surprised , you experience exquisite Bliss ...Sitting in dark, liquid pools,  innocently spying colors previously unseen ... this space is ripe with limitless adventures ... Your heart is filled and fed, having feasted like royalty ...At this juncture your treasures are immense. You have gained riches, true riches of a divine nature ... ♥ Keep believing in the Ancients and the Mysteries ...Amongst the few invited, this pleasure is yours ... forgetting time , luxuriate in her Majesty ... ♥ -

~ written by Mahira A.

Adventures in a Sensory Deprivation Chamber ...

To release the limits of the body, one must sleep in water , relaxing into breadths and depths unchartered by one's daily carriage...

 One must reach the height of blisss, entering the plains of calm, the explorer forgets herself , being lulled into deep slumber ... and then as if to quickly remember amongst the luxury of forgetting , the body wriggles like a fish , waking itself to its fluid environment.... awkward at first , this new lotus bed begins to feel more comfortable with every hour.

I slept for 6 hours in a sensory deprivation tank built by Float Lab in Venice Beach, CA.

Each hour took me deeper into myself. I swiftly organized my thoughts, I gained stunning Clarity, I arrived at Knowingness, I organically partook in yoga poses, stretching muscles that were rarely stretched before. I then turned my torso, sitting with my lap immersed in warm waters I engaged in quiet meditation , smiling upon the velvet darkness that held no reign of fear on me. I slept in the cradle of…

Oh Happy Day ! :) ♥

Isn't today the most Amazing Day ever ?!!! :)
Yes it is !

My Soul's alive, my Heart's wearing its irrepressible smile and I'm Grateful for all that I've got. 

God is Good ;)♥

Beautiful friends, an abundance of Love, Beauty in so many shapes & forms, Nature's embrace .... and Deliciousness all around . All that we need, we already HAVE ... in the palms of our hands.

It's so easy isn't it ? :)

Let's mark this day as one filled with Incredible BLISS ... and Celebrate !♥

Loving you ! Enjoy :)

Week 5 - Enzymes to the Rescue ! :)

There is so much to write about in this 5th installment of my weekly Superbeing regime !

But I will make this entry fairly brief as my results build based on the weeks prior and will continue to propagate with the continued use of enzymes ( ) , abundant hydration and a generous proportion of raw foods & superfoods !

Aches & Pains
Prior to my regime, my body was constantly wracked with aches and pains. They travelled all the way from the base of my spine, all over my back and to my neck. I'm only in my thirties, so it was very unusual ... Its week 5 ... and guess what ? NO MORE BODY ACHES. I feel more flexible, my body feels supple .... but the lack of pain is the best part !

This change is HUGE because, it's changed my whole outlook on life.

My lifestyle is impacted as well. I'm more active and social mainly because my energy and focus is not constantly distracted by pain. It's amazing how much more free attention one has when the physical…

Mark this Moment ....

 ... for the Day you Fall ... is the very same Day you begin your Rise .

~  Mahira A.

*All my writings are copyright.  **Please contact for more details. Thank you, Mahira Amir Khan.

Week 4 - The BliSS of Good Health :)

Hi  :)

The 4th week of my Superbeing regimen has rolled around , and I'm really enjoying every bit of it. Eating healthy, organic superfoods, drinking more water, taking in my amazing  course of systemic enzymes by Biomedic Labs ( ).

It's been great !

The only area of my regime that I have not been very strict on is the exercise/fitness aspect. I had initially planned on visiting the gym 3 times a week and I haven't been very good about it. On hindsight though, it may have been a good idea to lay off on a strict exercise regimen due to the heavy detox I was going through.

I did not want to push myself too hard, and I decided to follow what my body asked for rather than what my mind felt it should do.

And my body has been asking for lots of rest ! :)

I have been napping for a good 2 hrs during the day. I also find I am able to fall into a deep slumber at night, giving me a solid night's sleep. Pretty significant amount of downtime, but its been ne…

Awed into Silence ... by Mahira Amir Khan

Awed into Silence I cease to speak letting drop a shower of words strings of pink pearls that sit like dewdrops on a petal bathing in quiet beauty
Hushed into reverence the word of Man now language to me no more I have dismissed his rough hand his bitter callouses  I release the lock that gripped me
For I have chosen nobility placing open palms upon my heart branded with a crest of diamonds where waves of crimson blood crash a warmth swims over this sacred site where my true allegiance lies
here in the temple of lofty love I speak in His language with His words so lined with a light caress of careful grace no more than a gentle whisper
A sound so exotically sweet it drips with the honey of arabian dates that wraps itself around your hungry tongue
Its nature so soft so playful it will not to be heard or fathomed by the heavy ears of man
His words, divinely full
pour onto endless lotus leaves
in this pond of desire

i trudge through muddied waters
gathering each morsel succulent pearls like ripe, cherried plums p…

Week 3 - The Superbeing Regime : The Miracle of Systemic Enzymes

Dearest friends & family,

If you've read my earlier blog entries, you've seen that I created the Superbeing regime and even at this early date, it's been life-changing ...
My intention  - Kickstarting a program that would restore my body to a state of prime physical health.

On top of that, I chose to do it in a BIG way ... taking large doses of systemic enzymes from Biomedic labs ( ) , eating fresh raw, organic foods ( huge salads, kelp noodles, quinoa, vegetarian dishes etc )  for most part as well as taking on an exercise regimen.
p.s. I have not been willing to give up my love of sushi though, so I am only 70% raw.  :)

In my 1st week, I felt great and was flying high !

In my 2nd week I was feeling the sluggish effects of a heavy detox, it wasn't pretty but I stuck to it.

It's now the 3rd weekand I am still detoxing but I'm very pleased to report that I have a not-so-minor miracle to share .  :)

Yes !!

Let me share my story from its begin…

Fool them with the Truth ...

People are so readily influenced by appearances ...
A perfect pout, glossy hair and a torso formed of sultry elegance
Mesmerized ...
they create Gods & Goddesses out of the Unworthy
Basing glory on looks or confidence alone ...

If you are a Master
Be still ...
forgive their folly
but use this apparent weakness to your advantage

Carve out Perfection
Walking into the effortless path of Beauty ...

Women be Temptress, Queen and Nurturer
This exotic dress laid out before you
inlaid with precious stones and pearl
Inviting to be worn
Inviting your nectar
Slip on your silky gloves of poise
and purr ...

Men, display your mighty armor
unsheathing a jewelled sword  ...

and boast ...
Yes boast of your courageous medals
Victories you have won
borne of the sweat of true grace
Glories , delivered in love
We await you ...
do lift our hands in a kiss
and take our breath away!

All those of you
with hearts that are pure
Choose now to wear your jewels
Basking in your inheritance
becoming a v…

Cliff Divers ...

I hope you have not stopped speaking of your Dreams ♥

Feeling them, loving them , anticipating their exquisite nature with delight ... 
All while they are being meticulously prepared for you in the unseen chambers of the cosmos ♥

I hope you choose your words with the utmost care 
Guiding them in their perilous path ... 
Raising your chin ...
Watch them Lift off your Lips
LEAPING into Creation with no less than a Smile :) ♥

*All my writings are copyright.  **Please contact for more details. Thank you, Mahira Amir Khan.

The SuperBeing regime - Week 2 : Systemic Enzymes & the Healing Crisis

Dearest friends and family,
So ... the second week of my regimen has rolled around and it has caught me by surprise ...

To begin ... let me reiterate that a large part of my regimen involves the ingestion of Systemic Enzymes. I have chosen a series of Enzymes by BIOMEDIC LABS as I appreciate the integrity of their company and the quality of their formulations. Plant-based formulations that are enteric coated and in specific potent strengths & combinations that include nattokinese, serrapaptese , bromelain, papain & amla.

If you have read my previous blog, you will see that my first week was just a BLAST ! I had so much energy and was having such fun being on enzymes. I felt like I was on top of the world, absolutely buyoant, feeling incredible and riding on a high.
The following week however ... has proven to be rather different...

In the past week, I started to experience physical aches and pains, my back hurts and my mood has dipped to a quiet despondency.
I …