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Biblical references to the Ecclesia, Beit Dein & Courts of Heaven ... Robert Henderson

Greetings Kingdom builders ! :)

If you have been actively accessing and engaging in the Courts of Heaven, you would likely be interested in the following article that offers a scriptural reference to the Heavenly Beit Dein. It is written by Robert Henderson in his article, "Transitioning from the Church Age to the Age of the Ecclesia".

Personally, I have gained tremendously from my engagement with the heavenly legislative system. For some this legislative system is simply understood as the practise of repentance, whereby the verbal renunciation of sins brought to light suffice to activate heavenly judgements. This is fine too. And it certainly works where repentance is heartfelt.

In my personal walk, I choose to engage the eyes of my heart during the experience. ( This practise has been taught by Ian Clayton, Mike Parsons, and other forerunners involved in supernatural teachings in Christ)

So I simply close my eyes and by faith actually step into a heavenly court. 

I engage w…

Madame Jeanne Guyon - The beautiful French mystic

Madame Jeanne Guyon was a graceful French mystic from the 16th century who gave up all the wealth and benefits of her station to live a life of absolute surrender to The Lord. She was willing to lose everything and endure a lifetime of merciless persecution.
She experienced an utter annihilation of self, leading to ecstatic encounters of Union with God. A giant of faith , she has since appeared as one of the cloud of witnesses to modern day believers ... offering great guidance, revelation and Wisdom.
 In her autobiography she has indicated that many generations will indeed become her spiritual children ... This is an invitation that she extends to readers who share in her life story ... I have received her invitation and have welcomed her warmly, earnesty into in my life !
Enjoy and be blessed by this remarkable journey  :) She has forever transformed my spiritual life in a short span of time. 
I am so grateful that I was divinely led to her teachings and life story ... 
* Note…