The SuperBeing regime - Week 2 : Systemic Enzymes & the Healing Crisis

Dearest friends and family,

So ... the second week of my regimen has rolled around and it has caught me by surprise ...

To begin ... let me reiterate that a large part of my regimen involves the ingestion of Systemic Enzymes. I have chosen a series of Enzymes by BIOMEDIC LABS as I appreciate the integrity of their company and the quality of their formulations. Plant-based formulations that are enteric coated and in specific potent strengths & combinations that include nattokinese, serrapaptese , bromelain, papain & amla.

If you have read my previous blog, you will see that my first week was just a BLAST ! I had so much energy and was having such fun being on enzymes. I felt like I was on top of the world, absolutely buyoant, feeling incredible and riding on a high.

The following week however ... has proven to be rather different...

In the past week, I started to experience physical aches and pains, my back hurts and my mood has dipped to a quiet despondency.

I also find I am more sensitive and emotional . I've become antisocial and prefer to be alone.

The changes were quite significant, and I was puzzled at this marked development...

I asked my boyfriend who is a holistic practitioner his thoughts on what could be happening and he shared that I am experiencing a HEALING CRISIS.

I am on a very high dose of systemic enzymes and thus the changes on the body are significant and powerful. In a nutshell, systemic enzymes go into the body and take on the heavy role of dissolving excess fibrin, toxins, virus, scar tissues, etc in the body. It does a thorough CLEAN UP and yes this powerful process results in an intense detoxification that has quite an impact on the human body.

According to BIOMEDIC LABS, ' Serra RX80is a powerful, purified strain of Serrapeptase, a proteolytic enzyme . This powerful proteolytic enzyme is formulated to promote scar tissue repair, the body's response to inflammation, joint and respiratory health. Serrapeptase is used to dissolve non-living tissues to include: scar tissue, fibrosis, blood clots, cysts and arterial plaque. formulated to improve ear, nose and throat health and the body's response to inflammation.* '

This is what I read on Dr Tindall's site on the healing crisis that may result with systemic enzymes.

' As the additional enzymes begin to work, you will notice changes occurring throughout your body and there may be some momentary discomforting experienced, similar to a gas pocket in your intestines.Even a sore muscle or joint, where an old injury may have occurred. In some people that have a lot of heavy fibrin to remove or a lot of inflammation in different areas of their body; it may be more noticeable as an aching all over the body, similar to flu like symptoms, and may last up to a week in some individuals.  

These are really good signs, because it indicates good results are happening. Remember, this specific Professional level systemic enzyme formula has NO NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS, ONLY POSITIVE REACTIONS. 

So, hang in there, the healing crisis's will pass and you will start seeing a increase of feeling better more than feeling bad.  All the way through your activation time there will be times when you will say, "I'm not having a great day".  This is normal in the reparative process of healing your internal systems. Even though there are no dangerous complications from taking systemic enzymes for the majority of people,; if you are very sick or the cleansing of the toxins is too much for you to handle. Reduce the dosage, until you are ready to increase back to your activation dosage again.  '

I have also come across an interesting article on
It speaks on the entire disease reversal process.

' During the disease reversal process, resulting in a Healing Crisis, the body experiences many of the same symptoms present during a Disease Crisis. The two exceptions are that the symptoms generally last no longer than a few days and all of the body’s channels of waste elimination work very hard to expel toxic waste – particularly fecal matter, urine and catarrh.

When the Healing Crisis has run its course whatever unpleasant physiological, emotional and mental symptoms you may have experienced during that event will probably not come back to trouble you again during your life if you learn to care for your body properly. The Healing Crisis is Nature’s way of cleaning house.

She does it thoroughly and certainly better than any Doctor, drug or medical center could ever do.'

There is some amazing information available online that can help you in this journey to being a Superbeing. I do highly recommend that you have a holistic practitioner you can speak to to share your journey with.

It's always best to have an expert guide you because there is so much to be aware of.

Frankly I'm relieved. Knowing now what is transpiring in my body has been so helpful.  I'm reminded that all I need sometimes is the knowledge to better understand a situation.  Researching the healing crisis  has allowed me to sit back and become an observer of this time , rather than reacting to and worrying about the changes in my body.

Remember I am NOT on a moderate dose of enzymes. 

I have chosen to take a dramatic route to Excellent health. I'm on an extremely high dose, 40 tablets of potent enzymes a day ( a combination of Serracor-RX and Serracor-NK  See ) . It's hard to overdose on enzymes,  just be aware that the higher your dosage, the greater the detox process.

I do hope that anyone else on this regimen does not feel discouraged at the point of entering the healing crisis. Rest assured that this is all part of the clean up, so hang in there and allow the body to do what it needs to do to get you to the State of being a Superbeing.

It WILL come !

In the meantime, there are moments that aren't so fabulous :) , nonetheless, I am reminded to hang in there and ride the wave.

I am blessed to have a boyfriend who is an extremely knowledgable and caring holistic practitioner . Through his expertise, he is helping me understand my symptoms as well as providing guidance on how best to address the issues that come up. Upon his guidance, I am increasing my intake of water and my ingestion of greens. I may add chlorella or charcoal to my regimen to support my system in cleansing.

Notes for this week -

1) My waist is continuing to flatten and tighten up. A good friend of mine  who saw me just before I began my regimen noticed a big difference. In her words, 'I looks like you're being carved in all the right places ! '
2) I take many more bathroom breaks ! My body is definitely releasing more wastes. Good ! :)
3) My weight has dropped to 105 pounds. I am eating more fats to offset this, as I don't want to lose too much more weight.
4) I am more emotional & sensitive.
5) My body is experiencing aches & pains. I need more rest as a result and I find myself napping more.
6) My breathing continues to improve !! I can take deep, clear breaths through my right nostril. I was never able to do this before.
7) I have a 3 year old injury & a scar on the right side of my neck, at the base of my skull. It had left the right side of my neck inflamed. Surprisingly, the enzymes have already cleared this area and the swelling is just about gone ! My neck muscles have relaxed considerably , now that the inflammation has reduced.
8) Clarity - I still do feel much clearer mentally. I am much more focused and clear on the steps I need to take each week and what I must accomplish. I feel like the enzymes are travelling into my brain and clearing away the fog of doubt and indecision. Quite remarkable.

Suggestions -

Increase your water intake if you are feeling sluggish.
Increase your intake of Greens.

Let the Adventures continue ! 
Much love ! See you next week :)

Mahira A.


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