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* I am inspired to write this message because of a dream that came last night *


Many good Christians who have done much for the Lord,
who are precious to Him,
who are mighty for Him ...
still possess unconscious hooks of lust.

In all their goodness....
They are still "hungry" for things of the flesh.
They are still deceived by what is "seen".
Being moved by the visual is a trait of the spirit of lust.

And this spirit of lust ... gains quite a grip when it finds its home.
To say the least.

Even in transformation, amidst an enduring holy life, the spirit of lust secretly maintains it's grasp.

Crucifying the flesh, does indeed require prayer and fasting.
Fasting is not something to be done once a month or once a year.
Indeed the fasted lifestyle, is one that is a DAILY exercise.

Daily, we crucify the flesh.
Daily, we limit the intake of the desire of the flesh.
Daily we feed our physical bodies under the spirit of discipline.
Daily we…


Here is the testimony that I promised to share on my facebook page.

It took me a while to document this ... Boy do I have a testimony !!!

Let me begin by saying that homosexuality is a spirit , a very persistent, convincing one, but it is a spirit nonetheless ...

Knowledge of spiritual warfare helps us recognize this so we are not fazed by what's seen, having discernment of the unseen realms. There is a wiser way to address this spirit & to share the truth of God's word and it absolutely DOES NOT INVOLVE condemnation or judgement.

It also involves divine timing.

Ok so here we go ! :)

Through my life I have had several good as well as best friends who were male homosexuals. For some reason, in my past I've always gotten along very well with friends who happened to be male homosexuals.

I loved their creativity and sense of humour. We had a blast in our friendship and had a lot of great times!

BUT when I became a true believer ... every one of my homosexual friend…

Of Crossroads & Elixirs ...

2 Kings 6:17 ~ Then Elisha prayed and said, “O Lord, I pray, open his eyes that he may see.” And the Lord opened the servant’s eyes and he saw; and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.
At the juncture ...

It is where a man arrives at crossroads in his life that a most remarkable event occurs.

Heavenly beings converge about him.

The unseen realms reveal a spectacular sight as a myriad of beings arrive in unison. 

Eager to provide assistance, they assuage upon the questioning soul like a divinely conspired whirlpool of living waters.

Waters are suddenly made freely available, swirling in waves as if embracing him.

Glorious hydration that dispatches deep levels of refreshment and cleansing.

He has a decision to make ... at this first crossroad...

Will he drink it ?

If he rejects any form of self-sabotage that aims to threatens both his well-being and his life, he has made a wise decision.

He reaches for heavenly and delightful nectars.
Living waters gl…


Our Heart enlarges.

The more we love people ..
The more careful we become in our sharing of revelation ...

The consequence of each discourse begins to weigh more dearly ...
Seeing the fruit of each exchange becomes a primary objective over the simple, harsh declaration of truth .

As living trees we are designed to bear abundant fruit ....
We were not designed to be the beautiful prickly rose.
Perfect in its eyes, while casting it's thorns upon others ...
A blossom aiming to be exalted for it's beauty and gifts,
Whilst leaving a stream of wounds ...

Let us be Fruitful
STRONG, resilient living trees
Offering both nourishment and shade
Bearing wonderful, luscious, good fruit.
Keeping our eyes on the goal as we press onward toward the finish line heart emoticon
Ahava Sarah

His Voice is heard in Peace

His Voice is heard in Peace ...


Every emotion, desire, craving, every storm ... 'good' or 'bad'.
The whirlwinds of desire for pleasure or the thunder of anger.
Bypass them all together ...these deep hooks that slice into your flesh.

Pay these snares no heed and CRUCIFY them.

With the practise being still ... the storm crashes and dissipates.

When Peace returns, His voice is clearly heard.
For He is the Prince of Peace.
He is BOTH the Lion .. and the Lamb.
infinitely tender-hearted, His voice, like waves so refined,
Await the discipline of calm oceans to traverse over and be heard

"Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed," says the LORD, who has compassion on you. " ~ Isaiah 54:10

Ahava Sarah.

These words were penned for you ....

These words were penned for you .... if ... as you read this message, it grips your heart.

The Lord is going to ask you to let go of something that is precious to you ...
And you are going to humbly step back in meek submittance and allow Him  to have His Way ...

No matter how much despair it causes you ... to surrender to this release.

There is a greater plan that has been devised for your life ... one that you have glimpsed and hoped for, one that you have always known! but have not seen in its  entirety ...
Such Brilliance devised by the most skilled of architects!

And though the mere thought of letting this go hurts you ...
NO...much more than that... it brings you to your knees and crushes you ... Like a steely knife plunged wildly into your heart , it would feel like bitter death itself !

Yet you will indeed release this fondly held desire, and loosen your grasp on what has fed and comforted you ... in the natural realm ...

Why ?

Because you recognize the Lord's will.