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Pray and become Wise ...

In addition to the following wisdom extolled by Madame Guyon, I would also add waking up in the early hours for prayer ... My favourite prayer being the Lord's Prayer ( in particular the syriac Aramaic translation of the Lord's prayer.)

Ahava Sarah Fischer

" Oh, my God, if the value of prayer were but known, the great advantage which accrues to the soul from conversing with Thee, and what consequence it is of to salvation, everyone would be assiduous in it.

It is a stronghold into which the enemy cannot enter. He may attack it, besiege it, make a noise about its walls; but while we are faithful and hold our station, he cannot hurt us. It is alike requisite to dictate to children the necessity of prayer as of their salvation.

Alas! unhappily, it is thought sufficient to tell them that there is a Heaven and a Hell; that they must endeavor to avoid the latter and attain the former; yet they are not taught the shortest and easiest way of arriving at it.

The only…


I found the following information on angelology as quoted the Jewish Encyclopaedia.

[ references are from the Bible,
various Apocryphilia & the Talmud (the central text of Rabbinical Judaism) ].

Quite an enlightening read ...



They sustain themselves in fire;
their fiery breath consumes men;
and no man can endure the sound of their voices.
(Cant. R. v. 10; Pesiḳ. v. 57a; Ḥag. 14b, above; Shab. 88b, below; Tan., Yitro, xvi.).

"The angel of the Lord" in Judges, ii. 1, was Phinehas, whose countenance, when the Holy Spirit rested upon it, glowed like a torch (Lev. R. i.,beginning).

To Joshua b. Hananiah the emperor Hadrian said:
"You say that no portion of the heavenly hosts sings praise to the Lord twice, but that God daily hears new angels who sing his praise [based on Lam. iii. 23] and then go. Whither do they go?"

Whereupon Joshua replied: "To the stream of fire …

Hummingbird Heaven

What's fast to the world is slow in Heaven ... 

At our finest, as we vibrate at the highest levels we've known, there is a great slowing down that occurs. The sluggish mind of man immobilized where the rapid wings of the mind of Christ take flight. The speed of Heaven unleashed where fleshly/earthly ways slow to a halt ...

Stepping in unbounded into a very secret place we embark upon His silence ... where time ceases to have significance and the walls of creation open to greatest influence ... When all of creation rests in His breath, submerged in the bliss of His peace ... And the power to directly execute delivered with such extravagant ease ... 

In the blink of an eye, hearts have been switched, mountains have been moved, nations have been transformed in the ponderous gaps between time.

Ahava Sarah Fischer