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' Your Precious Power ' - by Mahira A.

Surely you're not giving your power away to just anyone ? 

Those precious particles of attention that focus and gleam like jewels,

no less than a King's bounty in the invisible realms.

Do you not deserve your own Riches ?

Or do you choose to give away your inheritance to those who challenge you.

The ones who hurt you ...

There can be no logic in that .

Consider this ...

If you are to lavish anyone with your immense power,

Please make yourself the delighted Beneficiary.

Bathing yourself in your own velvet lifeforce.

Luxuriating in this shimmering attention.

Pamper your body with liquid energy as it flows over you,

exploding in its alchemy.

Observe with a smile.

As something quite magical transpires,

without even knowing,

or trying,

You have activated the God,

the Goddess within you...

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' For the Lions and the Tigers amongst us ... ' - by Mahira A.

' For the Lions and the Tigers amongst us ... '
Have you ever been Driven to Madness and being Blinded caught Glimpses of the Truth ...

Have you Leapt into Ecstacy and witnessed Beauty beyond the Sight of mortal eyes ? 
Have you recklessly handed over the reigns of your Chariot to a Higher force 
Yet , Trusting ... charged forward with Mighty Passion

If so, then you are the proud heir of a Lion's Heart
in this swift span of Time, you have truly Lived
and the Sacred Keys, you shall receive.

At this Pause
Gifted with pregnant possibilities

Cherish it's potent silence
as a host of Divine Beings now pause on bended knees ...

Across the Oceans of Creation, 
a stream of lights shimmer
like a majestic necklace, 
threaded, bejewelled for an ancient Queen.

In this Era of Knowing
when all will begin to See
the Unknown ones bow
in Honor of the Force that you have now BE-come .

~ written by Mahira Amir Khan

*All my writings are copyright.  **Please contact for more details…

' Beauty's Intricate Spear '

If you're willing to go through the pain,  allowing Beauty's fiery spear to tear through your chest ...
You provide her  quite generously with her moment of Alchemy ... 
Creation pauses ...  at this moment where only Beauty can enter traipsing through  the depths of your Heart.
Carefully, She meticulously studies its markings Fascinated by your lines and many shades

Unsheathing her weapon

she carves her name

' A trip to Shangri-la ' - by Mahira A.

I sat in my chair a few nights ago, pondering Life ...and a piece of writing revealed itself ... in an hour ... I write this for my gentlest of friends who find this world overly harsh to live in... I hope you enjoy this experience :)
Much LoveMahira A.
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Summoned to these quarters an Angel sits before me Scroll in hand feathered quill  laying by the seam of his heart
A scribe he is of a very unusual lineage
i look beyond the oddity of this sight before me glancing to my sides And there they are !

My heart sings like a million butterflies in ecstatic flight My face glows yearning to run into their arms ! Oh regal Father, Oh Divine Mother how Glorious a Sight you are! What a magnificent pair you make !
How I have missed you and have longed to see u again 
Mesmerised with love i smile upon them a hopelessly enamored admirer Beaming, I am blessed in return never was there a gaze so lovingly ret…

Hearts of Gold ...

if you don't Demand the very Best for yourself,

 Inviting only Greatness within your Palace

consecrating your Earth, your Air, your walls 

If you don't GIVE the best of yourself

the liquid gold that blazes within ,

swimming with focused Will

that pleads to be unearthed 

If you don't release these treasures,

generously sharing what is surely God's

and neither do you CLAIM what's rightfully yours 

then Who Will ... ?

 - Mahira A. ♥

*All my writings are copyright.