6 Nights, 6 Days in the desert ... and counting

I've officially spent 6 nights and 6 days out here in the depths of the Mojave Desert.

The altitude here is around 3300 in elevation, the nights are cold but the days are mild and sometimes even sunny.

The desert is so gorgeous …

Yellows, oranges, hazel browns and pale blue skies are all I see …

I am falling in love with the calm of the desert ... I feel like I live in a protected sanctuary with candles lit all around us ...

Our third night was surreal. After a delicious meal, we ran out into desert staring at the beauty of the night sky. It was mind-blowing ! There really is nothing quite as fulfilling as voluptuous dose of Nature :)

I feel the deep sense of peace that I have been yearning for has finally been fulfilled.

The ability to look out out of window and see NOTHING. No neighbors , no buildings … there is absolutely no one out here except the faint view of two other small houses from a distance,  that sit in their own isolated plot of land.

That is so rare … and how many people actually live like this ? Nesting in the lap of quiet nature .

The view that I see is filled with sand and cacti and acres and acres of desert topography. The mountains are in plain sight, they offer their rock solid presence. Offering a sense of protection that I have never felt in the city of Los Angeles.

It was a 3 hr drive out here, and what a change of worlds .

I've experienced the ability to truly focus and get things accomplished FAST. Everything is so clear here, I have no distractions, no influences. It's been profound in terms of what I have been able to accomplish alone. I also find that I'm so much more creative here … maybe my soul needed to be at peace before it could dance in inspiration.

On our 4th day, we saw a full, double rainbow. It took over most of the sky. That was a sight, I have never witnessed before and we received it as a good omen.


Then there is the fact that there is a well on the property ! Bathing in hot well water has also had a profound effect on my skin. When exposed to water with temperatures of 107 degrees and up, the cell walls in the body open up and the minerals in the water are then able to travel into and feed the cell. My skin feels 'plumper' and so much healthier.

A word of caution though, because of the altitudes, we have had to hydrate and moisturize often as the air can be very drying. It's all part of the desert experience :)

I'm so glad I'm out here with an opportunity to truly rest, rejuvenate and focus before the turning of the year 2012. Who knew that I would be out in the desert at this significant time ? … I know I didn't plan it … I just felt an urge 2 weeks ago to head out to the desert.

And lo and behold, here we are !

Also I must thank Joshua Desert Retreats for providing a home at the ADOBE that is so very cosy and unique! I'm so grateful. Thank you, Greg, Ron, John, Jason, Grace and everyone else who has made this such a wonderful experience!


' The word adobe /əˈdb/ has existed for around 4,000 years, with little change in either pronunciation or meaning. The word can be traced from the Middle Egyptian (c. 2000 BC) word dj-b-t "mud [i.e., sun-dried] brick." As Middle Egyptian evolved into Late Egyptian, Demotic, and finally Coptic (c. 600 BC), dj-b-t became tobe "[mud] brick." This evolved into Arabic al-tub (الطّوب al "the" + tub "brick") "[mud] brick," which was assimilated into Old Spanish as adobe [aˈdobe], still with the meaning "mud brick." English borrowed the word from Spanish in the early 18th century.

In more modern English usage, the term "adobe" has come to include a style of architecture popular in the desert climates of North America . ' ~ Source - Wikipedia


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