Fool them with the Truth ...

People are so readily influenced by appearances ...
A perfect pout, glossy hair and a torso formed of sultry elegance
Mesmerized ...
they create Gods & Goddesses out of the Unworthy
Basing glory on looks or confidence alone ...

If you are a Master
Be still ...
forgive their folly
but use this apparent weakness to your advantage

Carve out Perfection
Walking into the effortless path of Beauty ...

Women be Temptress, Queen and Nurturer
This exotic dress laid out before you
inlaid with precious stones and pearl
Inviting to be worn
Inviting your nectar
Slip on your silky gloves of poise
and purr ...

Men, display your mighty armor
unsheathing a jewelled sword  ...

and boast ...
Yes boast of your courageous medals
Victories you have won
borne of the sweat of true grace
Glories , delivered in love
We await you ...
do lift our hands in a kiss
and take our breath away!

All those of you
with hearts that are pure
Choose now to wear your jewels
Basking in your inheritance
becoming a vision to behold

Let the veil be lifted ...
Let those of limited sight
begin to sense a marvelous truth ...
your perfume released
the spell thus broken

Let them graze true beauty
in its rare existence
now generously indulge

Let them recognize who you are

Let them be fooled into Knowing ...

~ written by Mahira A.

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*All my writings are copyright. 


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