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Put them First

The Tongue has the Power of LIFE and death, and those who love it will Eat its Fruit. ~ Proverbs 18:21

One thing Holy Spirit told me to do a few days ago is to pray for my husband daily ...
Wow ! It's awesome what happens...

Pray for your husband or wife daily ...
Even before going into deep prayer for yourself, pray for your loved one first ...
And if you are miffed, hurt or upset with them, put that offence aside ...

Pray for them with all your heart, that they are mightily blessed.
That they receive every desire of their heart and be conformed utterly into His image, resplendant with every spiritual gift.
The Lord wants to see that we can truly put another first before our own needs.

Will the release of pride allow us to build up someone else before ourselves?
Can we display the Compassionate Heart of our Father ?
Can we be like YESHUA, who gave it all away ?

INVEST in the one who is right next to you.
Release His Pearls upon him or her.
Let your tongue be the Key that unlock…

The Shemitah : Do Prophetic Warnings always Manifest ?

When a Prophetic Warning is given of potential disaster, and great masses are successfully roused to pay heed and repent as well as intercede.
Yet on the heralded day ... nothing appears to happen.

Is this a FAILURE or a VICTORY ?

The end of the Shemitah, Elul 29 fell on Sep 13.  A major disaster did not appear to occur.

I would attest that this is indeed a Victory.

1) In the eyes of those who are sensitive to the unseen, the result of this massive global warning released through the media to repent and pray is recognized.

Our collective Prayers are powerful.
They have had their effect on an important day.
Our Father in Heaven responds to our passionate cries.

*Also bear in mind that the Lord is sovereign, at times He chooses to move and act in incalculable ways that we will only understand at the appointed time that He allows.

2) In the eyes of those who want to be right , the messenger from God Failed.
He is attacked and mocked, with voices saying
 "Why didn&#…

Complete Forgiveness has no Fear.

Complete Forgiveness has no Fear

For it is Sanctified in Grace.
Complete Forgiveness brings LIFE.
And Life more Abundant.

Forgiveness is so fruitful in nature, it does not arrive alone.
It walks alongside others that delight.
TRANSFORMATION treads closely with it.
And Wisdom gravitates where Forgiveness is found.
Then there is Peace ! It's intimate friend. :)
For Forgiveness knows liberation well.

For those with the eyes to see, this liberation is witnessed as a Release ...
A MISSILE of FAITH that is catapulted into the atmosphere.
It blows up, discharging an explosion of FAITH in our Lord Jesus, in His Instructions and in all His ways.
A simple believer ... now displays the nature of a Saint.

Forgiveness is a weapon of SUCH GREAT POWER.


So Forgive ... Let His Weapon detonate in it's MAGNIFICENT DISPLAY OF POWER.

Forgive ... and LOVE AGAIN :)

Ahava Sarah.
Then he adds: "Th…

Forgiving includes Forgetting

Forgiving includes Forgetting

Then he adds: "Their sins and lawless acts I will Remember No More." ~ Hebrews 10:17

The Lord has a memory of all things but once He has forgiven a past sin He wipes the slate clean and does not bring up the past again. I believe this is what the verse is saying. ...

The choice to truly forgive comes first. 

The Holy Spirit helps with the rest.

Marriage is Important to God

Christians divorcing on the grounds of fading love, personality differences, financial disagreements, even conflicting theologies, et .....

None these are reasons for divorce.

I have been feeling very disturbed by the lack of regard I am seeing in the Body of Christ for the covenant of marriage.

I'm seeing marriages break up for what I consider to be, flippant issues.

Issues that can be resolved through forgiveness, prayer and intercession.

We must remind ourselves that we have a Covenant Lord.
We are the Bride of Christ.
Marriage is at the Heart of His Kingdom.
The Lord Yahweh takes the rite of covenant very seriously.

Just as Unforgiveness is not an option in Christianity.
Divorce should be regarded with a great fear of the Lord by all true believers.

We are not of the world anymore. And we must cease thinking like the world.

Rather than escaping marriage ... use the trials you have faced as a means of exploring a deeper level of forgiveness and love....and pressing in relent…


Dear Beloved friends and family,

Something profound is happening this month. 


I had 2 dream encounters early this morning.
The first was a MISSION.And the second was a TEACHING. 

This occurred on the early morning of 3 Sep 2015.

I hope they bless you!

Ahava Sarah.


I was sent on a mission first by train and then by plane to the jungles in Asia for 1 day to ensure that a relative of mine who was hiding in the jungle in fear would receive his letter to be enlisted into the army!
( There are more details about this mission. )


I found myself in an ancient building built with the firm foundation of rock and stone.

Here I met 2 teachers.

The 1st man was stocky, light brown skin and had a roundish face. And the second man had a narrow face with a pointed chin. He was fairer and had dark hair.

The 1st man seemed to hold great authority.
He was stronger and was the principal teacher. hey were also storyt…