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she yearns ...

this Goddess yearns to display her resplendant dress , to cast her silky yards with quiet grandeur as she walks across her moss-filled path  , yearning to tread, ever so sleekly,  brushing past sacred tapestries  , to purr and stretch like a leopard amidst dangerous Beauty ... yearning so deeply be fed by Nature again ... this heart aches for the jungle's exotic trance ... its sultry feathered calls ... crying to return ... to be free from the firm clasp of the material world ... free from the Hype and the frenzy ... praying for the world to Hush ... to hear Silence ... to rest in her Promised Sanctuary ... just for a few elusive moments, as Swift as the joyful reflections that dance off her jewels ... she asks to return ... to nourish her Soul, to greedily suckle on the Mother's soft bosom, hiding playfully in her Embrace ... so she can Dance on her toes again in the madding crowd, returning back to society in a Whirl ! ... Her Spine erect, and a heart that's replenished …

i am here

There is only One of you, one Uniquely Precious Soul, intertwined with the Emeralds and Sapphires that your DNA explores .. I am your Guardian, your Humble Servant and your greatest Admirer ... and I will do all that I can, I will scale extraordinary lengths, accomplishing untold feats, I will bravely leap from staggering Cliffs, in order to ensure your Success ... Know that I am here, know that I am yours, know that this Love surpasses any mistakes you may have committed or self-judgements you have taken on ... Remember my ESSENCE that breathed Fire into your cells , and Love into your very bones ... says the voice that was once heard not so very long ago .... the firm hush that whispered into the warmth of your Mother's Womb ... - Mahira A. ♥

Cease Doubting

If you have Chosen Doubts ...

then you must Choose to Stop them ... 

Their job is done, these Servants with their slothful, careless ways. 

They linger on, creating disorder where there is none.

Their time has come and  they shall not Serve you anymore.  ♥ 

Your Reign is Clear,

Your Sight immaculate, 

and you will pick your servants more Wisely from now on. ♥

 - Mahira Amir Khan