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The Victor

Even if it Hurts, keep plunging forward until all the obstacles and debris resolve and dissolve themselves ... Pain is released and Success is now attained ♥

 Someone out there has experienced what you're going through ever more intensely and yet they have conquered it and been claimed The Victor ! They Trumped every Pain, Fear, Anxiety that tried to hold them back. They Trumped it all, because their Spirits are inconquerable and Mighty Success is the card they drew.

And now that the challenges have been surmounted, this Noble Spirit sits back reaping the rewards of persistence and observes how it all played with amusement and a Smile ♥ 

If they did it, so can YOU ... You are Extraordinary, your Soul is Invincible, your Passion is so Great, you will not be held back or distracted or swayed ... You're already Victorious ! It's just a TIME thing ;)

 ... and I Believe, now is your Time ... ♥ 

written by Mahira Amir Khan ♥

The Divine Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost

"The Kundalini rises through a very thin line of Brahmanadi. In the beginning only a hair-like thing rises, it pierces through. In some people, of course, in a big way it rises also. And then it pierces this fontanel bone area which is a real Baptism, real ... ♥ 

Today only people felt the cool breeze coming out of their heads. Can you do that by jumping, or by paying money? They felt the cool breeze in the hand. It's written in the Bible, even in the Bible very clearly, that it's the cool breeze. 

Cool breeze is the sign of the HOLY GHOST. You start feeling the cool breeze in your hands and you start feeling the cool breeze on your head. This is the actualization... You are the Spirit, and you should get it. It's your own which is given to you..." ♥ 

~ (Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, March 22, 1981 - Maccabean Hall, Australia)

The Divine Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost (Ruh/Adi Shakti) ~ The Holy Spirit: Breath of GodWritten By Gordon Robertson
The 700 Club

Decide .

Have the Courage to Stick to What you Believe in and have Chosen for yourself ♥

Indecision is the revolving door to Nowhere ... Keep Wavering and you can only Hover ... Guess what ? ... We can't avoid our Destiny ... to Prosper, to Love , to live our very BEST LIVES ... now is the TIME to Leap forth and Fly ... let your Heart scream in Fear if it must ... but MOVE, LEAP, DIVVVE with wild abandon :) ♥

written by Mahira Amir Khan

Visions of a Genie's Lamp

A raw excerpt written by Shimmering Copper that makes its way ... Slowly glides Emerging thru rays of light revealed ... through the door left ajar ...
The Genie's Lamp that glimmers It seeks You
Finding your resolute being in hushed quarters ... As you sit deep in reverie in the dark mahogany library steeped in books of old
Immersed in ancient knowledge
You Dream your Dream
your Quest is Clear
and the blazing, bronze lamp
that boldly appeared
now gleams with misty flames
that swirl about you
a lifeforce so urgent
so potent
it is yours to be used and commanded

Look upon this Gift
and lay your smooth, chilled palms
upon this potent vessel
Harness its Holy Spirit
and USE it Liberally

Blow languid breaths
upon it with decadence
For it knows no Limits
it will not be contained ... With the Wisdom
Blessed upon you
and a Heart that blossoms
in innocence
Direct your new-found Power
to the Very Highest, the Grandest and the Boldest.

Like the Divine
Immaculate and O…

More writings from my notebook ...

I am filled with Love, but I will never be Owned , I am rich with Devotion but will always Taste Freedom , I am Immensely Blessed beyond the realms of comprehension, Gifts pour in abundance in ways and means I cannot fathom ... and yet I know that the knowledge of All that chooses to be hidden is the very path that leads to the Highest, to Divinity ... ♥