Two Golden Birds - written by me :)

There once lived two Golden Birds. They chirped happily, flying in innocent delight.

These pure feathered beings, abundantly blessed were raised by loving winds. They sang across oceans, seeing wonders rarely spied , drinking in honeyed pleasure , they cooed... The sky their delicious playground, their joy lit the Heavens.

One day, drunk on miracles, they raised their sights choosing to fly toward the Sun.
In reckless speeds they grazed against its might ...
Each one scorched an incandescent wing, falling quickly, spiraling down to harsh lands .
Each one crying in pain . A pain that they had never experienced before. It was then that they craved each other, yearning for the sap of love to heal.

Yet these wings, so torn, would not stretch to embrace ... they would not nourish the other ... their wounds so raw ... they could not love each other anymore ... they could not love anyone anymore ....

Beautiful birds, they knew not that they bore the signature of the Mighty Eagle ... 

Choosing the Highest Heights, they risked vulnerability, being swiftly flung to dense grounds ...

Yet with hearts so pure, they could only rise. And as the brassy nectar of heat began to crackle, eating at mortal bodies, ashes began to form .

In anguished cries  they dissolved into the pain.

At that moment an alchemy occurred. In a flash, they flourished grander, more exquisite wings. Lustrous appendages embroidered with threads of fine gold. Works of art that they could not help but admire.

Wings that could wrap warmly around each other.

Wings that would shine light on an entire nation.

These superb eagles it was their Destiny to Love and keep on loving some more....

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