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Bathing in His Living Waters is like plunging into hot and cold pools !

Bathing in His Living Waters to me ... is like plunging into hot and cold pools of water.

The Old Testament is the deep, hot pool STEAMING with it's intensity. 

The Holiness of the Lord, the severity of His Might when tested, the Impeccable standards He displays that we must rise to seem to scathe our bodies with an overwhelming heat.

And yet it is a compelling experience that draws us in!

We rise up and out of these blazing waters and run DIVING into the cool waters of the next pool.

The cool waters of His Grace abound in the New Testament. Great relief and gratitude is found here. Praise the Lord for His Mercy and Grace that lovingly soothes our scorching skin.  His Grace so Abundant, it is the loving salve poured generously upon us, forgiving all while giving all.

Would one experience be complete with the other ?

NO it is not.

We need to enter all the chambers of His Heart. Receiving Him in His entirety. His intense tidal wave of heat and His loving cool waters. 
They are ALL His Preci…

The adulterous woman ...

( Morning of 29 July 2015 )

I had a terrible dream last night of a woman who was unfaithful to her husband. He was away and she was becoming increasingly intimate with her lover within the family home. She wanted to be a movie star and was being filmed on the set of a tempestuous, love story with the man whom she was having an affair with.

I had no idea what the dream was about !
When I woke today and asked the Lord for a scripture to help me understand.

Without thinking I typed JEREMIAH 3:20 in google's search engine.

I have not read or referred to the book of Jeremiah in a while so that was unexpected.
 This is what came up.

"Surely, as a woman treacherously departs from her lover, So you have dealt treacherously with Me, O house of Israel," declares the LORD. ~ Jeremiah 3:20

I have been pondering over this.

Society has been numbed and pulled away from the Lord's immaculate standards. The cultural acceptance of issues like homosexuality, abortion, the disregard f…

STOP Bending the Rules ... in the name of GRACE

STOP Bending the Rules in the name of Grace.

Our Father in Heaven is immaculate in all His Ways.
Are we not to exercise our will to some extent ?
Certainly some measure of spiritual discipline is required.
His Word reveals that He gave us the spirit of discipline.
Surely this must be exercised?

For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.
~ 2 Timothy 1:7

Are we not to deliberately MAKE THE CHOICE to choose and conform to His will ?

The very declaration we make with each utterance of the Lord's prayer,
" Our Father who art in Heaven, YOUR WILL be done, YOUR KINGDOM come. "

And upon this commitment to choose His will, it is then that He arrives in with great, abundant grace to deliver the assistance necessary in this valiant and noble quest.

However, continually delaying transformation ,
holding onto idols ( money, security, addictions, etc )
leaving open doors ,
claiming it will be done when it's done by Him., etc.

Claiming tha…

Peaches & Salvation

Photo by Ahava Sarah Fischer
Hi everyone :)
I went to the supermarket to get some peaches. This bowl of peaches served as my lunch today. The rest of my energy I receive from YESHUA, the Bread from Heaven. So, I ministered to the cashier at the supermarket and she got saved !I should call this day Peaches & Salvation Day - 15 July 2015 Love,Ahava Sarah Fischer

"Then the master told his servant, 'Go out to the roads and country lanes and compel them to come in, so that my house will be full. ~ Luke 14:23

 SUCH a bussssy day today. I've been rushing getting a bunch of things done!

I happened to stopped by the store to get something really quickly.
While paying I couldn't help but overhear the cashier speaking to her friend ( she worked at the store too ) . 
Her friend was talking about the pain she was in. She was a young girl, probably around 21.

I couldn't take it anymore ! I asked her, Excuse me, did you say you're in pain?

She was embarrassed an…

I will not eat until my message is given

' I will not eat until my message is given. ' ~ Genesis 24:33

DREAM - Early morning 13 July 2015

Oh my gosh ... I feel like I returned from different worlds when I woke up this morning ... So much happened.... Whoa... am still taking it all in.. getting used to being back here in reality. It was that surreal ...

I will share the third & last part of the dreams that came last night.

I felt a cool liquid being poured down my throat.
I knew someone was pouring it.

I drank it all up enjoying it so much!!!!

I started to stir and awaken and I was wondering where I was.
Was I in the kitchen drinking ? ....
Then I realized I was in bed !!!!!!
I had been drinking water in a dream ( in the spirit ) and not in the natural! That made me so happy BECAUSE THE SENSATION WAS INCREDIBLE !!!!!

It was still very early in the am.... I closed my eyes again and went back to sleep.
I entered a deep sleep rapidly.

I was with friends.

Return to the land of your fathers and to your relatives, and I will be with you

Genesis 31:3

 Lately I have been feeling a VERY strong pull to make a trip to Asia and visit my family ...The desire has been growing ... Last night as I was with the Lord during a 2 am nightwatch, I spent some time praying & interceding and then had a wonderful time in His presence.... [ p.s. I feel like this month He's starting to unravel so much more, and I'm really getting to know so much more about Him .. all aspects of Him !
* In fact I often catch myself singing during the day " Getting to know you, getting to know all about you ! " hehehe :) 

Anyway back to the nightwatch last night , I then asked the Lord for a Word from Him. I heard VERY CLEARLY - GENESIS 31 

Oh it was so clear! It actually surprised me ... this new level of clarity... 

Sometimes He chooses to speak so clearly it's as though He is right here, sitting next to me. I looked up Genesis 31, and this was what caught my attention Immediately " Then the Lord said to Jacob, “Retu…



~ John 4:32 

I am truly beginning to SEE & LIVE the reality of this statement !!!

At this moment it comes as a glimmer of truth... like sparkling lights , dancing before me, desiring to make itself known ... it is exciting to be at this precipice .... at the brink of something so GREAT!
Yes indeed ! There is food to eat that we know not of .... the only way to partake of this food is to release the attachment to the ways and habits of the flesh !

A LIFESTYLE of Fasting that propels us forward. Where we are fuelled ever more by the Supernatural and not the Natural. This message is for the ones who are committed to and are willing to exhibit the discipline necessary to see this come to fruition.

There is a whole new world available to us to partake of !!!! If only we would let go of old ways .... old paths ... to STEP ON THE NEW PATH & TAKE ON THE NEW !!! Relying on the Flesh is the old way .... while a dependa…

Condemnation is a trick of the enemy ...

Condemnation is a trick of the enemy

.... Every imperfect path is really one that is being perfected ! 

It's a matter of perspective.

With wisdom select the most excellent perception of yourself that will strategically and always lead to success !

Take responsibility and take every thought captive and CLAIM Victory.

ALWAYS claim Victory because Victory is tantamount to truth ! It IS THE TRUTH.

As overcomers we use our tongues to speak LIFE & TRUTH like a mighty weapon that is wisely wielded.

Christians, BE overcomers! 

A ( regularly ) oppressed angry pained resentful wounded limited Christian is simply one who isn't using the magnificent tools and armourey that has been gifted to him/her! 

Take responsibility of your tongue , your thoughts , your gifts !
Oppression cannot and should NOT survive for long in the life of a true believer ... THIS IS THE MOMENT TO BE A TRUE BELIEVER ! 

Helping others , sharing the good news of the gospel , liberating others , seeing ot…

Calling all Medical Saints in Christ !

Calling all Medical Saints in Christ! :)

If you have a background in the medical field, I'd like to introduce you to my dear friend Dr Susan Richards.

She is a medical doctor who is spearheading an expansive medical ministry project that will run throughout the US.

Susan and her team are currently developing the first Medical School of Supernatural Healing Training Program in the nation.

The program will equip students to become exceptional healers who experience supernatural miracle healings from God while praying for the sick. The program will provide the students with the medical knowledge of anatomy, physiology (function) of the major systems of the human body as well as the pathology (symptoms and cause of disease) to be more effective in their healing ministry.

They will also receive training in alternative medicine so that they can instruct the sick about healthier diet, nutrition, detoxification, fasting, the use of nutritional supplements and other lifestyle habits to bett…

Raw Vegan Sources of Protein ~ Amply supplied in more ways than one ! :)

NOTE: I'm posting this picture for a purpose.

This is Alexey Voyevoda he is a fully raw vegan Russian bodybuilder.

This is to provide a visual in response to the lisssstttt of questions I have received namely around the topic ...  HOW DO U GET YOUR PROTEIN ON A FRUITARIAN/RAW VEGAN DIET ?

Simple & easy ! It's in everything! Fruits, veggies, dark leafy greans, it's in superfoods like spirulina. It's also in chia seeds, hemp seeds and nuts etc.... Protein is abundant in so many sources! RESEARCH IT ! 
Google is rich with free resources on the lifestyle.

The Lord's design is so perfect that in our most effortless lifestyle, we are provided with all our needs.

Simply pick a fruit or vegetable, even wild grasses and weeds that are extremely nutritious but generally overlooked !

Walk barefoot in soil ... the bacteria in soil can equip a healthy, CLEAN body with it's b12 needs. ( If your body is not clean however you need supplements )

Take in the Sun&#…