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I have found the Way to His Banquet hall

But he that eateth of my body, and drinketh of my blood, to him is life eternal; and I will raise him up at the last day. ~ John 6: 54

( from the Aramaic Peshitta translation )

Dear beloved friends and family,

What a gift it is to awake ... and go to bed with the word of God.

To arise feasting upon a brunch of ripe strawberries and succulent cream,  plump with the elixir of truth. And as the day withdraws, being lulled to slumber by the panacea of His voice.  Streams of nectar that pour through body, mind and soul, clearing me of any ails.

I am finally able to feast on you Lord, I have found the Way to your banquet hall.

I have been quenched brilliantly cool refreshment , now warmed within upon it's healing .

What exotic meal is this that is able to affect this body temple , resurrect the mind and restore hope ! 

I lay my hands open for more of his delicacies, given to us freely , a robust recipe of words and thoughts from the mind of Yahweh.

In this feasting, glimmers of His…