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Recognizing the True Apostle of Christ - God chooses and uses the humble, the meek, the ordinary ...

' However, Jesus chose the foolish, and ordinary men of his day as apostles to confound the wise ' 
  ~ 1 Corinthians 1:27.

For the heart of the true leaders and apostles of Christ is meek and humble.
While they are also warriors demonstrating a boldness, strength and courage that comes with the Holy Spirit, the purest souls honor Him with a constant cloak of humility. 
Theydrive all focus to Jesus alone. 

John the Baptist, a great man of God, divorced himself completely from the ways of the world. His extreme existence demonstrates the magnitude of his faith, trust and devotion to God. He roamed the desert eating locusts and honey, risking his life, crying out to all to prepare for the Messiah. 

John's words remind us powerfully, ' He Must Increase, But I Must Decrease '~ John 3:30

The true apostle appears to be quite ordinary, simple and does not go out to bring attention to themselves.  

They are not the showy, cocky entertainers, who ride on the coat tails of Christ. …

Blaze like a Lion , Be Pure like a Dove ... by Mahira Amir Khan

It's easy to do what everyone else is doing ... Impurity is the Easy path ... tolerance of Impurity is even easier ... Human beings adapt so easily, even in the descent of our benchmark of what is Pure.

Why would you want to be critical of others right? ... so let them do what they choose to do and defend them in their right to freedom , whether it's polyamory, orgies, cheating, deception, manipulation, engaging in the spirit/demonic world, addictions .... God is loving , so He is gonna keep loving even amidst sinful activities that keep recurring Deliberately, time and time again ?

I beg to differ ...

He Forgives but He also transforms ... Submit to His Transformation ... Submit to Purification

Release any defence of impurity .. For man's wisdom cannot compare to the Truth that comes with God. Throw away your ideas of what is Holy, turning to God's standard of what is PURE ... His Immaculate standard reigns ...and the Word of God is True.

Let Him rule ♥

God's Incomprehensible Nature ... a mystery worth unravelling