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Phoenix with a Golden Tongue - written by Mahira A.

It is immortal
this Phoenix
whose wings erupt
in the cage of my breath
so brazenly
he calls
his fiery tongue
flickering through brassy rods

This Cage he has Chosen
with deliberation
his snare
it speaks of freedom
its door inlaid with gems
it lies ajar !

to the wiles of the World

the Phoenix cocks his head
and licks its Wings
its lustrous tongue
spinning a frothy sap
Its cream
borne only from the Gods.

This nectar’s earthly counterpart
pours from a mothers bosom
her milk so sweet
no earthly babe has tasted honey such as this
This Maiden, Mother, Queen
who loves so generously
so ripe with affection
so sweetly she swoons
charming all in her wake

It pours like a river
a milky sap
that forms and captivates
with a thrilling force
sent like a father’s love
rich and firm
yet forgiving
A man who stands in power
yet cradles his beloved
in the soft sacred guard
of strength 

Such love creates worlds
Heavenly planets
erupt from this luscious womb
where bliss is each souls b…