Week 5 - Enzymes to the Rescue ! :)

There is so much to write about in this 5th installment of my weekly Superbeing regime !
But I will make this entry fairly brief as my results build based on the weeks prior and will continue to propagate with the continued use of enzymes ( www.biomediclabs.com ) , abundant hydration and a generous proportion of raw foods & superfoods !

Aches & Pains
Prior to my regime, my body was constantly wracked with aches and pains. They travelled all the way from the base of my spine, all over my back and to my neck. I'm only in my thirties, so it was very unusual ... Its week 5 ... and guess what ? NO MORE BODY ACHES. I feel more flexible, my body feels supple .... but the lack of pain is the best part !

This change is HUGE because, it's changed my whole outlook on life.

My lifestyle is impacted as well. I'm more active and social mainly because my energy and focus is not constantly distracted by pain. It's amazing how much more free attention one has when the physical body is functioning the way it was designed to.

* Note - I still have some stiffness in my shoulders and on the right hand side of my neck, but I am optimistic that this discomfort can be cleared in the coming weeks.

Stronger Nails
I'm taking this as a sign that my body is generally healthier. Now that excess fibrin & scar tissue has been effectively broken down, I'm sure my circulation has improved and I'm better able to utilize the the nutrients & minerals in my foods .  My nails that were once so weak and fragile are considerably stronger. They don't tear the same way they used to and my nail bed is free of white ridges ( usually the mark of some form of nutrient deficiency ).

I am down to 102 pounds, despite the fact that I have increased my intake of fatty oils ( from avocados, etc ) and a feast yummy raw food desserts. I don't want to lose weight though, so I'm continuing to eat more than usual to offset the weight loss triggered by this heavy intake of systemic enzymes.

I decided to undertake some research online on the relationship between Systemic Enzymes and the reduction of pain , and this is what I found. ( www.losethebackpain.com )

It all started with Dr Max Wolfe.

 " He was a medical doctor at the prestigious Columbia University for over 30 years and was doing research on why your pain seems to increase as you age. In particular he was looking for the differences in why young people often experience faster healing times and less overall pain than older folks. He discovered that when the body was reacting to pain, the bodies of younger adults responded by flooding the painful area with something called "proteolytic enzymes".

But for some reason... the older folks he studied showed dramatically reduced levels of proteolytic enzymes and therefore felt more pain.

Excited by his amazing discovery, he narrowed it down even further and discovered that beginning around age 27 the amount of proteolytic enzymes in your body begins to diminish. Bottom Line: If you're over 27 years old... THIS may be the reason you're still in pain.But he still needed to find PROOF to the question... Could proteolytic enzymes be acting  as the shut-off switch for pain?

Dr. Wolf's discovery that younger adults have dramatically higher levels of proteolytic enzymes in their bodies launched a wave of controversy and excitement into the scientific community.
And what scientists found was nothing short of amazing.

In 1972 they discovered that proteolytic enzymes are the first line of defence against pain and inflammation !  Amazingly, they operate on a “lock-and-key” basis which means they can recognize good prostaglandins from bad prostaglandins. And when their teeth fit into a ‘bad’ prostaglandin that's already run its course and has no more use... they dispose of it to let the GOOD prostaglandin come in and get rid of the pain." ( www.losethebackpain.com )

That's all for now :)

See you at Week 6 ! Hugs  :)


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