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oh cherished Guest

MIRACLES often arrive Unexpectedly, that's the very reason they are quite so MIRACULOUS ! ♥
But it helps to prepare a warm, magnificent home and get that brilliant fire roaring .And it's only proper to greet them graciously when they Arrive :) ♥After all, we are all Elegant Hosts and Hostesses schooled by the Book of Etiquette, and we do treat our guests most Royally . Yes we do :) ♥written by Mahira Amir Khan, copyright 2010

from the Books of Foreknowledge ...

To all who have the ears to hear, I must announce the magnitude of this momentous occasion.

I have stopped relying on others perspectives and judgements to arrive at an answer.

I utilize my intuition to its fullest for knowledge complete.
I place my faith in the nudges my body gives me. Its coy language I will harken.
This vessel delivers messages with such precision, I now gift myself the mark of a finely honed instrument.
I observe my physical responses ... even the nuances ... especially the nuances.
No one else’s direction , sans divine deliverance, has matched up to the guidance my intuition has given me.

So today, I bow and kiss my very own hands with respect ... for in Innate Guidance rather than External Notions will I Trust.

- written by Mahira Amir Khan copyright 2010

Be Quiet

Be Quiet ... when making a decision .

Collect your Power .

Let very little prana drain away through unnecessary communications ... let your thoughts, words and actions slice through the ethers ,  slicing through any extraneous noise ... like a glinting blade travels through butter .

DO only what is necessary , SAY only what is necessary , THINK only the thoughts that benefit your Cause .

And always treat yourself like a cherished guest , deeply loved , resting in exquisite chambers with a Smile ...

in this time of great Decision, you are highly Favoured

for this is a moment ripe with Blessings

with a Path paved with Success

... and your Transformation will be quite a Sight to behold :)

- written by Mahira Amir Khan ( all works are copyright )

The Significance of 11:11

"The appearance of 11:11 is always a beneficial act of Divine Intervention. 

It tells you that it is time to take a good look around you and see what is real and what is illusory. 

It's time to pierce the veils of illusion which keep us bound to an unreal world. 

You have been chosen, because you are ready, to step into a Greater Reality. To lead the way for others into a new way of living, into a Greater Love. To ascend from duality into Oneness. 

The 11:11 is the bridge between duality and Oneness. It is our pathway into the Unknown. " 

Quoted from Solara & the 11:11

The Imposter

Imposter -  by Mahira Amir Khan
( written  on the 8th of Sep 2010)

There is one who claims to Love me

but what he does is Judge,

seeking not to Understand the Mysteries behind me ...

He claims Divinity but his Love is not Divine,

choosing moments to Embrace me

He claims his Freedom

but with each day, forms his Cage ...

He claims to Give

but his Generosity will not Gift himself, a chance to ‘See' True Reality ...

His Benevolence is like a Mighty River that flows to All yet bypasses His heart ...

Suffocating it from Receiving the Love he prayed and dreamed for !

Like a Knight he lunged in to Win me

yet he will not remove his Armor ...

he will not Honor my Needs ...

He will not ...

Gift himself a Love so Incredibly Deep, his very Cells, his DNA, his Blood, his Soul,

his BEING,

his very LifeForce would be Transformed ...

The Angels they Whisper ...

There is a man

I See him ...

he’s still a Mystery

his Heart is so big ...his Soul is so extraordinary

I am in Awe of him

He entered my Life like a sliver of Light ...

Stepping in Stealth ... I saw Glimpses of him ...

Flashes of glimmering light, they danced across the wall ...

Puzzled ... I knew not what to make of him

so I let it go, offering it no more power ...

but then came Mother

She nestled me, holding me tight as she began the Reveal ...

reflections of his face ... full lips, beautiful clear eyes, an amazing Gaze...

Oh! ... I saw his Greatness !

I fell to my knees and bowed to this Magnificent Presence !

I Honor his Strength, his Courage, his Masculinity

Universal Giver, Knight in Shining Armor, Unconditional Lover

So all providing, so wise, so deep

that a man like him even exists, I did not know was possible ...

The Heavens, they open ...

and the Angels choose to grant Blessings today!

Yes ... I cannot help but smile :)

This man he take my Breath away

my Precious One

I cannot …

' We each have a Key ...' by Mahira Amir Khan

My cherished friend whom I adore ,

Did you know that everyone in your midst holds a key just for you ?

yes it’s right there in their hands ...

Especially in the grasp of the person you least expect ,

and in the palms of those you do not hold in high regard

Within each of these souls who make your life their habitat,

is a secret waiting to be revealed ...

After all, this is the Great Mystery of Life ,

each silken thread in this tapestry unravels a yarn ...

What is the tale you came to tell ? ... to EXPRESS ?

What is this treasure that only you know ?

that in it’s telling your Heart weeps and your Soul ruptures ?

Share your deep secret

Deliver your tale!

Lest your heart be a clouded and hidden shroud ... so tightly bound

and all mysteries fall away to dust, losing their brilliance ...

Let your parable be a lusty tale full of juice !

Bubbling with life and vigor,

Step aside as it transforms from fable to truth

My precious innocent

Your eyes widen before me

Yet this is the moment…

Mahira's Prayer

Yes !

Today is the Day I Pierce my Own Heart ... of anything or anyone who does not Serve my highest good.

I’m Diving in Fearless and Ready with a beautiful, feathered Spear in my hand, and relinquishing your Hold on me.

I’m Calling out to the Remover of all Obstacles, to the Greatest, the most Magnificent.

I have chosen to BE your Humble Servant.

I am bowing my head in Prayer.

I am making myself my own Gate Keeper ... and today I Set myself FREE .

- written by
 Mahira Amir Khan

Creating Paradise ...

Sometimes you're Compelled to take an Action that makes no Sense....

You struggle to let go of logic and judgement ... and fight the urge to resist.

Eventually you drop your mind and follow this primal instinct ...

Somewhere down the road at a time where all is forgotten ... the pieces pull together, as if drawn by an irresistible magnet ...

A picture forms .... a scene so beautiful ... one you could not have predicted or even hoped for !

Yet you witness its Creation ... Paradise in your hand .

Your gift ... for one act of faith that built an island ...

- Penned by Mahira Amir Khan

REAL MEN fight on their Knees.....

The true Battle lies in offering the Ego in sacrifice ..... and submitting to a tidal wave of all that is Divine .....
- Mahira A.

She calls ...

If you knew there was a Vast, Lush dense Forest filled with startlingly beautiful, Innocent wildlife well as the Secrets of the Universe..... Master Plants ready to teach the world how to Evolve & Transform ......

If you knew she was in peril.......if you saw her wounds of increasing deforestation....if you heard her cries for Help....if you heard her use your Name.....

Would you do EVERYTHING you can to Save her ?....

Would you allow her to have her Way with you and turn your World upside down, give your Identity up, Risk like never before and wade across Chaos and Oceans to answer her Siren Calls ?

.......tell me because I’d like to know.

Mahira A.

Off to the Amazon ! :)

Watch the 1st of my Video Journal !
Off to the airport in 2 hours ! Eeeep ! :)

The Tree of Life - a poem by Mahira Amir Khan

(This is a poem that I penned in July 2009 that was followed by a series of vivid dreams. Mahira Amir Khan.)

The Tree of Life
          a poem by Mahira Amir Khan

The Tree of Life
it grew and grew
With ripe berries
Gold, gilded Peaches
Spiraling, silver streams of nectar
Sparkling leaves of Light
A Very Unusual tree indeed!

They called it
the Tree of Life
The Louvre
With its streams of passageways...
The Loved.

I called it my HEART
In my Affection,
it took root.

It’s branches twined
Upwards and outwards
And yet its elegant fingers learned not to grasp
Like a work of art it spiraled forth

Look at its trunk
Jewels you will see
I stroke my fingers across its luscious patterns
The glints of light catch my eye
Emeralds, rubies
Sapphires and more

What tree is this?
Of what species
And whenceforth did it come?

And yet it grows so firmly and strongly
This unknown species of fauna
Confidently scaling the heights of my spine
It rises between my Sight
And creates such sensations as it tickles m…

' Pink Petalled Tulip ' or ' The Lonely Tulip '

Pink Petalled Tulip - A Poem by Mahira Amir Khan

Like a Tulip
with a Heavy Head
I cry

The dew drops
Flow so smoothly down
And bathe my honeyed pout

Vivid red tulip
Where are your Ruby colors now ?
Bright Strong tulip
What makes your stem bow ?

Your brilliant resin
a warming Sun
Of crimson blood

So suddenly
washed away

The ladybug
Rich and plump
That crawled away
In blissful reverie

Knew not
The fleshy mist
that made this flower weep... '

Copyright 2010 Mahira Amir Khan

The Importance of Falling In LOVE ... and to keep free falling

' There is no salvation for the soul but to fall in Love ... ' ~ Rumi
Life without Love is like the most amazing fresh, coconut kefir ice cream sans a generous sprinkling of sliced almonds and juicy berries ! Not quite as lush a dessert without its delectable toppings ... Strawberries, raspberries , blueberries, chopped almonds and walnuts even ...  :)
As strongly as I've believed in the marriage of a ripe dessert and its toppings, I cease to jest when I stake a firm belief in partnership and the power of a team. Stepping beyond the confines of ones Identity and joining in with anothers Life Force. Being with another Empowered Soul, while Aligning to Serve each other, now that's a compelling paradigm to deliberately choose to experience.
I've witnessed the Power of a Team at work and in play. I recognize without doubt that as powerful as I may BE , I need the synergy of another person, or of an Aligned team to deliver something Greater. As Sadhguru mentions, to trul…

She holds my hand

These past few days have been interesting.... I’ve been restless and awake. Sensing the warmth and presence of an invisible hand embracing mine . It leads me gently in a new direction, that's foreign and unknown. I'm being invited to walk a different path than I’m used to... Last night I felt compelled to express this feeling on paper. I wrote this poem in less than 15 minutes, and was surprised by some of what poured forth.

If you’re reading this poem...this message is for you.....

BlisSsss KisSsess
Mahira A.

written by Mahira Amir Khan

In my Heart...I feel a Stirring......
Something new is Calling me....
a whisper so sweet
So Primal
It wakes the Deepest parts of me

I remember this Voice
She sang for me
Upon my Birth
She left her gift of Joy

Under my Heart
Wrapped in a Bow
It sits in patient Beauty

Never forget
She says
That I am here
So Come to me
For all your needs

My palm kisses yours
For you to grasp
Its Warmth
Is yours
To feed you

This World you enter
I Crea…

Simply Believe :)

Allow Yourself the Luxury of 'In-Sanity'. BELIEVE with a Loving, Open Heart ...... then Observe with a Smile as a Lush Paradise Unfolds before you ...... the Reward for your Faith...With Love, Mahira A.

“Have faith in God. Verily I say unto you, whosoever shall say unto this mountain – Be thou taken up and cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that what he says will come to pass; he will have it. Therefore I say unto you, all things whatsoever you pray and ask for, believe that you receive them and you shall have them. “(Mark 11:22-24)


I had the Pleasure of Listening in to an amazing Webinar today on 'The Interactions Between the Earth’s Energetic Systems and Human Consciousness' by Institute of HeartMath Research Director Rollin McCraty, Ph.D. It was organized by the Global Coherence Initiative So I had never heard of this term before - NEURO CARDIOLOGY . It's a new realm of study of Science, because apparently the heart has a lot more impact on the Brain than we previously realized. The whole talk was SO Enlightening ! So much rang true.... According to Dr McCraty, the Heart has its own complex nervous system – the ‘HEART BRAIN’. The heart sends far more information to the Brain than the Brain sends to the Heart. The Heart signals especially affect the Brain centers involved in Decision making, Creativity and Emotional Experience.' The HEART is extremely Powerful in affecting those around Creates a very Tangible CARDIAC FIELD.......When in a state of Appreciation , he…

Hyper- Reality

Blurring the lines between Reality & Fantasy

My Dearest Friends,

I'm writing this Blog because I came across a company yesterday whose mission is one I find utterly Exciting ! -  Moving the world into another Dimension !

I visited my friend Crash in Venice Beach last night ( ). He's always tapped into and never fails to fill me in on the latest advancements in technology, while exposing as many conspiracy theories as he is able to in the span of one visit ! I can't help but appreciate his Passion and I'm so Grateful for our Friendship !  I know every visit is going to Blow my mind and feed with me New & Different Perspectives. :)

Last night I was Educated on the term Hyper-Reality.
Imagine the lines of Fantasy being so Blurred, that is Hard, perhaps even Impossible to tell the Difference !

'Hyper-Reality is a paradigm. It is a collection of technologies that radically change the way we develop and interact with content on Internet Enabled D…