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Guide to performing an extended fast ...

Guide to performing an extended fast. 

What I have learned personally is not to let too legalistic about fasting.
Do away with the pre-conceived guidelines that the intellect may enforce on your experience.

Instead, allow Holy Spirit to dictate the presets of your fast.

Water Fasting ?
A pure water fast is fine for an unsupervised short fast of 3-7 days.

But for a fast that is longer than 7 days, there are things to bear in mind.

I used to fast strictly on distilled water. In fact, I was adamant about a pure distilled water fast. With the long fast ( that my body was not prepared for), it actually proved quite dangerous. Toxins were being loosed and not expunged ... and I was blacking out from the overwhelming detoxification.

So I've learned to trial and experience.

For those who are new to the long fast ( 21 to 40 days ), I have this to suggest.

Master Cleanse/ Lemonade Fast
Rather than going purely on water, I would suggest adding liquids that are better able to aid in the clean…

Entering the Gates of Heaven ...

This is an excerpt from a book that I am writing. The book offers an indepth study of the heavenly manifestations being documented in a movie that I am producing, " GEMS FROM HEAVEN - The Kingdom of God is within you." 
I hope you enjoy it. Love, Ahava Sarah Fischer.

What a glorious topic this is! One that I so adore because it has given me such joy to visit the heavenly realms. For those who find this topic to be quite novel or even utterly foreign, let me begin from the beginning ... That seems only logical :)
 It's often stated that our entrance into the Heavenly realms is akin to stepping into the Holy of Holies. The ancient Hebrew tabernacle was a physical "tent-like" vessel that provided a dwelling place for the Divine presence. 
Within the tabernacle lay the Holy Place. This was the inner room known as the Holy of Holies, a sacred area where only chosen priests were allowed access. This access arrived at specific times in particular ways, always involving a…

The Eyes to See ...

This morning, I woke up to spending time in the spirit with Jesus.

I asked the Lord to open my eyes dramatically to see more of the unseen.
What He proceeded to do seemed to counter what I had asked for.

He laid his hands over my eyes so that I could not see ...

It confused me. 
Now I really couldn't see!

But I began to understand what He was doing ... 
He was teaching me to see without & beyond the flesh. 
When we cease relying on our natural eyes, we exercise our inner eyes to observe activity in the Spirit realm.

*Also He was showing me to limit what I see in the natural ( ie, certain forms of media, etc ) so that the supernatural would open up to me.

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. ~ 2 Corinthians 4:18

Seeing in the Spirit is a right for every Believer -

Must Watch Video by Mike Parsons - The DNA , the blood & Intimacy with the Father

Much recommended ... it's a long video but worth it for those who have the ears to hear!

Ahava Sarah