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Dance, Sing , Praise God ... at the most Inappropriate times :)

Why we MUST Dance :)
Worship, Rejoice in God, Smile with a relentless Love of God ... even in the heaviest cover of shadows.
Sing, Dance, Give Glory to God with wild abandon.
 Stir up the Spirit that Erupts in your exultation ! It Blazes to burn and dissolve all burdens , revealing only Clear Skies and the Bright rays of the Sun! 
You are so very Blessed when you Rejoice ... So Sing even if all you see are Clouds and the heavy doom of despair has shackled you.  Dance amidst the Greys in your horizon, dismiss them and they will soon melt in forgotten mists ... and the skies now open up to Glorious Rainbows.
Rejoice in God FIRST. And He will Favour you Mightily.
Have a most Excellent Spirit like King David, when he needed the DIVINE ... he Danced like God was watching :)
Warmest Love, Mahira Amir Khan

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