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Cliff Divers ...

I hope you have not stopped speaking of your Dreams ♥

Feeling them, loving them , anticipating their exquisite nature with delight ... 
All while they are being meticulously prepared for you in the unseen chambers of the cosmos ♥

I hope you choose your words with the utmost care 
Guiding them in their perilous path ... 
Raising your chin ...
Watch them Lift off your Lips
LEAPING into Creation with no less than a Smile :) ♥

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The SuperBeing regime - Week 2 : Systemic Enzymes & the Healing Crisis

Dearest friends and family,
So ... the second week of my regimen has rolled around and it has caught me by surprise ...

To begin ... let me reiterate that a large part of my regimen involves the ingestion of Systemic Enzymes. I have chosen a series of Enzymes by BIOMEDIC LABS as I appreciate the integrity of their company and the quality of their formulations. Plant-based formulations that are enteric coated and in specific potent strengths & combinations that include nattokinese, serrapaptese , bromelain, papain & amla.

If you have read my previous blog, you will see that my first week was just a BLAST ! I had so much energy and was having such fun being on enzymes. I felt like I was on top of the world, absolutely buyoant, feeling incredible and riding on a high.
The following week however ... has proven to be rather different...

In the past week, I started to experience physical aches and pains, my back hurts and my mood has dipped to a quiet despondency.
I …

With Love, this humble message is for you ...

Most people are not truly Truth Seekers ... Why, it would be inconvenient, It may cause heartache ... and that blatant truth, it's about to ruffle some feathers ... 

I admit I've played that game before ... afraid to follow my instincts, afraid to make a change, holding onto security, holding to what I had ... But my sweet Beloved ones, gain pristine Clarity within ♥.... BE Immaculate in every way, in your thoughts, your desires, your Lifestyle... Be Congruent, and u will demand no less than the Ultimate ... it will ARRIVE ♥

Why go through all of this possible Chaos ? ♥ ... because you have not Time to waste ... and when we become fine tuned instruments, when our hearts, minds & Lives gain Congruency ... only THEN can we truly Deliver our Life's mission and offer our Gifts in Ways & to a Depth, one has NEVER Experienced before !

So waste your time if you will frittering your energy with the wrong people, the wrong career, the wrong love ... you have all the Choice in …

The SuperBeing Regime - WEEK 1 :)

Dearest Friends & Family :)
Here's a little update on the first week of my self-titled SuperBeing Regime ... 

If you've read my earlier blog entry, you'll know that this 3 month long regime consists largely of a high intake of Systemic enzymes by BIOMEDIC LABS (  ) , Superfoods and Sunshine :)

I have been taking a total of 40 systemic enzyme tablets a day (a combination of Serra-RX & Serracor-NK), 20 in the morning & 20 at night, always on an empty stomach, and followed by several glasses of water.

In addition, BIOMEDIC LABS has supplied me with -
- Hyaluronic Acid ( that supports joint and connective tissue functions and skin health ) 
- DimPro RX (that supports hormonal balance & weight management. It increases the production of estrogen, protecting the cells and inhibiting the growth of tumours. It is also highly effective in the treatment of uterine fibroid tumours, endometriosis,  fibrocystic breasts, moodiness,), 
- Clear Lung Formula (…

The SuperBeing Regime - Systemic Enzymes, Superfoods & Sunshine :)

Dearest Friends & Family,

As of Sunday June 5th, 2011, I have begun a 3 month long regime.  This is a regime that I have created to return to the SuperBeing I am designed to BE. :)
The SuperBeing regime includes -
1) Systemic Enzymes ! A heavy dosage of Systemic Enzymes by BIOMEDIC LABS ( ) . This is a crucial aspect of my regime as systemic enzymes address the build-up of firbine in the body, which is the main precursor to disease& ageing. Enzymes dissolve firbin which shows up as scars & blockages within the body, clearing the effects of age, physical trauma ( surgery, wounds, etc ), in effect returning the body to its optimal state.
2) Superfoods! I'm increasing my intake of raw foods, fresh organic juices & Superfoods ! I still do eat cooked foods but have reduced my indulgence in cooked meals, however 'healthy' they appear to be. I am also choosing only organic foods as much as I possibly can. My intake of water has increased t…