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Delighting in Living Aqua

Today, I dove into infinite pools of pleasure
I blazed through
cascading waters that streamed
and rushed about me
my glorious tail
embroidered with aquamarine gems
flickers so gloriously
wriggles and delights
in the sensations
that arrive to caress it

I taste the bubbles that froth upon my limbs
I curl in elegant spirals of water
that overpower me
the breath that dances with me
frolics and plays
enrapturing with its kiss so slow
so deep ...

Magnificence comes forth
the blast of light
that pours within
and through me
the sword of truth
that takes its mighty plunge

In this bed of vast, pure light
I am blinded by empyrean skies
the soft veil that streams over thick lashes
in this sacred realm of endless, black velvet

I gently sink, I am released
like a stream of heavenly glitter
that bursts into ecstatic lustre
meeting with the intelligence of the wide, open sea 

Here, my heart unshackles
Here, I am made Free ...

written by Mahira Amir Khan
copyright 2012

Floating to BliSsss

Quite the experience yesterday ! ♥ at Float Lab Technologies in Venice Beach, CA ...

Float Lab really does make the world's best, most hygienic Sensory Deprivation Chambers , creating such a pure environment treated with O3, UV and state of the art technologies ...

So here's what happened in my session ... never experienced this before ... after the 2 hr mark , when my mind had finally calmed down and ideas had organized themselves into a clean strategy , I then arrived at a profound level of calm observation and peace ... I was sinking into such a deep state at one point ... then a streak of BRIGHT, WHITE LIGHT opens up in front of me ♥ ... it was a sliver of immense light that was so strong, I jerked up in shock and it disappeared .... I could not believe I saw that ... why did it show itself to me ? ... it was Wild to see that so CLEARLY ... a little shocking, a little surreal ... it has been on my mind since , wishing I had stayed relaxed instead of reacting t…

So SPEAK ! ♥ ~ Mahira Amir Khan

So SPEAK ! ♥ ... and say what needs to be said , lest your Truth, your Light, your BLAZING Brilliance are dimmed down into mere flickers and the Gifts you have to offer become elegantly wrapped parcels abandoned in a forgotten room , stuffed in its dusty closet ... hidden, unappreciated , unSeen ... Treasures steeped in Greatness enjoyed by none ... and your Voice wound down to a Whisper, the fear that locks you into Oblivion now becomes your Master ...

~ written by Mahira A.

www.mermaidbliss.comcopyright Mahira Amir Khan 2012

Spiritual Rebirth ... the Recovery ... by Mahira A.

I did not expect this at all ... that Peru would be such an intense experience ... and that it would take me this long to recover from the process ... I am finally starting to feel like my normal self and I feel I can begin to function again ... sometimes going through a spiritual rebirthing really follows its own clock to process and unravel ... I know that those who have Kundalini awakenings often need years even lifetimes to process and provide space for the energy to pass through ... so I understand and am learning to be patient during this time ... yes things need time to unravel and I have to embrace that law ... I posted recently that Truth comes at inconvenient times ... but when it arrives it must be Revered and the time and energy it needs must be recognized ... just as the process of being Re-Born ... the baby that arrives with wide-eyes must learn to crawl , before stepping up to walk on its feet ... it can all appear to happen so slowly, your presence so qu…

The EGO ~ written by Mahira A.

The Ego is always unattractive, its mirrored shards can only tempt those who choose not to look upon themselves, weary of their own gaze for what they will find within…. 
The sadness, the anger, the loneliness, the misfts, they peer upon the few specks of broken light that glitter and distract them from their pain … and so Gurus are formed, Masters are made, gifted with talents, confidence, self-promotion far removed from the Highest Grace of God … 
Release these addictions that so beseech thee and walk through the purgatory of your withdrawal … and be released once and for all of all things that do not stand immersed in the Humility and begin once more to Choose the Highest. 
Giving Praise and Worship to God and only God.

~ written by Mahira A.

www.mahiramermaidbliss.comcopyright Mahira Amir Khan 2012

IN THE BRIMMING CHALICE ... by Mahira Amir Khan

... in the brimming Chalice ... a precise moment presents itself ...

Effervescent with alchemy, such magnificent potential that from a flame that can blaze into a roaring fire  ... on this path crossed by the phoenix, once seared, attacked and weakened yet rises to its fullest glory, blinding all who now begin to see with clarity ...

At this juncture, When Hope seems lost , and none can aid you, when you have been bullied and challenged, with your face cold against a stony wall , when lies have been spoken of you, and all around you  deception makes itself a master, when there is no place to turn, no beauty upon you but to look upward, towards the spaciousness none can offer but the Open Skies and its Maker ...

This the moment when your Soul remembers its greatest presence, when memories of grandeur, love and joy begin to replenish the hardened soul .... its gentle kindness softens you, its ceaseless love feeds you , its boundless support lifts you airborne  to your feet with the Birt…