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' You Poison Me ... ' by Mahira A.

Here is a poem that's quite special to me. It takes a certain depth of vision to understand it. Don't be deceived by the title ... it really speaks of deliciousness :)

I wrote this poem a few days ago. I was simply waiting for a friend and I just happened to have my faithful laptop on me. Needless to say I whipped it out as I was feeling a moment of inspiration and 15 minutes later, a poem was born.
I do hope you enjoy it :)

Much Love
Mahira A.
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' You Poison Me ... '

You poison me
You wrap your tentacles around my mind
Your poison drifts into my sleep
I close my eyes
Eyelashes flutter
And none can see this
Beauty’s dream

Everything they taught me
All shapes and forms
And limitations
The structure I live in
Now suddenly alive and vivid !
It gleams !
I see its luminous edges
I see the mighty cliffs where it falls
Precarious marbled cliffs
Laced …