Week 3 - The Superbeing Regime : The Miracle of Systemic Enzymes

Dearest friends & family,

If you've read my earlier blog entries, you've seen that I created the Superbeing regime and even at this early date, it's been life-changing ...
My intention  - Kickstarting a program that would restore my body to a state of prime physical health.

On top of that, I chose to do it in a BIG way ... taking large doses of systemic enzymes from Biomedic labs ( www.biomediclabs.com ) , eating fresh raw, organic foods ( huge salads, kelp noodles, quinoa, vegetarian dishes etc )  for most part as well as taking on an exercise regimen.
p.s. I have not been willing to give up my love of sushi though, so I am only 70% raw.  :)

In my 1st week, I felt great and was flying high !

In my 2nd week I was feeling the sluggish effects of a heavy detox, it wasn't pretty but I stuck to it.

It's now the 3rd week and I am still detoxing but I'm very pleased to report that I have a not-so-minor miracle to share .  :)

Yes !!

Let me share my story from its beginnings ...

Three years ago I had a rib graft crafted for a septoplasty procedure. It left a visible scar on my rib that was caged by internal scarring within. The scarring was so intense, it affected the scope of my movement.

Prior to the procedure, I was highly involved in dance classes, hip hop, zumba, you name it, I was in on it :) I was also a producer in the action sports arena which involved travelling on location to races, running about in the dirt and dust. Calling my lifestyle active, was an understatement !

After the rib graft however, my lifestyle began to change...  I had developed so much scar tissue I found it hard to be as mobile as I used to be. I could not twist my body all the way to the right or left. My mobility was definitely curtailed.

On top of that, the right side of my torso felt ever-so-slightly arched, contracted in response to the injury. And so the entire alignment of my body was off, creating a significant imbalance. Now bear in mine that none of this was visible to anyone around me, but I most definitely felt it !

All of a sudden, my hips sat differently, I held my neck differently, I was not as flexible as I used to be and aches and pains began to affect my body. I had to cut down on my dance classes.A sense of dis-ease began to prevail throughout my body.

This was an entirely new development for someone like me . Someone who didn't know the meaning of pain, who had never experienced physical challenges in her entire life.

The only blessing that resulted from this, is that I gained a deep compassion for those beset with pain & physical challenges ...

Fast forward to 3 years later and 3 weeks on the SuperBeing regime ...
I'm ecstatic to report that I've noticed a marked change in the scar below my rib. :)

It feels as though the mass of scar tissue that had gathered in a knot beneath my skin, has successfully melted away .

I'm not sure exactly at what point this transpired, on which day, at what time ...

All I do know is that one day, it just occurred to me that the rigid feeling beneath my rib was suddenly gone ! I put my hands over the scar, which is still visible externally, yet in its underlying structure, my skin & surrounding tissue has returned to its flat, smooth, pliable original nature.

In disbelief, I have massaged and explored the area deeply, yet it appears as though the internal scar tissue has thoroughly dissolved.

I was expecting results on this program, but now that I'm actually seeing and feeling them occur ... it feels almost surreal, and at the same time I'm thrilled and excited ! I'm so happy that there really is a natural,organic solution to pain :)

I've long held a strong feeling that enzymes were the path I was to take to restore my health. I've known that excess fibrin is extremely limiting on the body.

All the massage, reflexology, acupuncture and acupressure I had taken myself through was designed to break up excess fibrin after all ...

I have been guided for the longest time to begin a regimen of enzymes ... yet in the past I hesitated, as I perceived this as a considerable monthly financial investment ( ranging from US$300 - $600 monthly). What folly to be held back by limitations. I can see now that the addition of systemic enzymes to my regime would have been priceless at any stage   Having regained my mobility & flexibility have, I realize why my intuition was pushing me onto this very specific path to rejuvenation.

And I am so glad I listened ...

Be aware though, that getting on a regime of enzymes, is not just about popping pills . It requires eating a healthy diet as well filled with greens and raw food.

I've found that the amount of water I drink has just as much of an impact on my results as well.
So remember to hydrate ! :)

On the days that I drank 3 litres of water a day, I experienced much more clarity. I also had a feeling of satisfaction and flow within my body as well.

However when I reduced by intake, drinking 1-2 litres of water, my body felt dehydrated . Going through such a heavy detox process, I needed a lot more water to aid the process.

The quality of your water is also relevant.

The water I've chosen to drink is Mountain Valley Water, Fiji Water and also fresh spring water from Glen Ivy Hot Springs.

More to Report -

In terms of my weight, I have stabilized at 105 pounds.
While continuing to detox, my mind continues to clear.
My energy levels are definitely higher than before.
I must also mention that my breathing continues to improve.
In week 1 & 2 , I noticed improved breathing on my right side.
In my 3rd week, my left nasal passage is clearing up and I can actually for the first time, take deep breaths through both passageways.

If its only been a few weeks yet I've already received a miracle, I can't imagine what will transpire in week 8 or week 12 :)

I look forward to it and I'm extremely grateful to Biomedic Labs for the high quality of their enzymes, that will probably change the entire outlook of my life at this rate. Thank you  so much ...

Note -

I have received several emails from friends who have asked about the regime . Please leave your comments on this blog and I will respond publicly so I can share my experience with all. Please know that I am not a nutritional expert, or a doctor. It's recommended to have a holistic practitioner guide you through this journey.

You can also speak directly with Brad Custer of Biomedic Labs ( bcuster@biomediclabs.com ).

If you have testimonials to report, please share your story.
I would love to celebrate in your successes !

Much love to you,
See you at Week 4 :)

Mahira A.


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