Awed into Silence ... by Mahira Amir Khan

Awed into Silence
I cease to speak
letting drop
a shower of words
strings of pink pearls
that sit like dewdrops on a petal
bathing in quiet beauty

Hushed into reverence
the word of Man
now language to me no more
I have dismissed his rough hand
his bitter callouses 
I release the lock that gripped me

For I have chosen nobility
placing open palms
upon my heart
branded with a crest of diamonds
where waves of crimson blood crash
a warmth swims over
this sacred site
where my true allegiance lies

here in the temple of lofty love
I speak in His language
with His words
so lined with a light caress of careful grace
no more than a gentle whisper

A sound so exotically sweet
it drips with the honey of arabian dates
that wraps itself around your hungry tongue

Its nature so soft
so playful
it will not to be heard
or fathomed
by the heavy ears
of man

His words, divinely full
pour onto endless lotus leaves
in this pond of desire

i trudge through muddied waters
gathering each morsel
succulent pearls
like ripe, cherried plums
perfect for the picking

my basket now heavy ...
with shameless pleasure
I lift this cradle of wicker
laden with its decadent treasure
of a heart's great delight

I share my Father's bounty
tasting sweet, moist flesh to its seed
giving abundantly
to you

Hush ... the silence lifts its lips
Say naught but savour it
this moment, blushed
plump with pleasure
is yours


~ written by Mahira A.

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