Week 4 - The BliSS of Good Health :)

Hi  :)
The 4th week of my Superbeing regimen has rolled around , and I'm really enjoying every bit of it. Eating healthy, organic superfoods, drinking more water, taking in my amazing  course of systemic enzymes by Biomedic Labs ( www.biomediclabs.com ).

It's been great !

The only area of my regime that I have not been very strict on is the exercise/fitness aspect. I had initially planned on visiting the gym 3 times a week and I haven't been very good about it. On hindsight though, it may have been a good idea to lay off on a strict exercise regimen due to the heavy detox I was going through.

I did not want to push myself too hard, and I decided to follow what my body asked for rather than what my mind felt it should do.

And my body has been asking for lots of rest ! :)

I have been napping for a good 2 hrs during the day. I also find I am able to fall into a deep slumber at night, giving me a solid night's sleep. Pretty significant amount of downtime, but its been necessary to help me ride through the cleansing process.

I think the benefits that I've been enjoying the most is the level of clarity I'm experiencing. I feel like my head is so clear, my thoughts are so bright, I am inspired on a whim and my intuition is sparkling clear. It almost feels like the enzymes I'm taking are travelling within the hemispheres of my brain and doing a thorough clean up job on the area. It's like a fog is lifted and my true mental abilities are being returned to me !

My thoughts were confirmed after doing some research online.

According to www.takebackyourhealth.com

' Sleep more . Lack of sleep causes inflammation. Think about how you feel after a sleepless night. Brain fog, fatigue... you can feel the inflammation. Lack of sleep also depresses your immune system, which encourages the inflammatory response.'

Since raw foods, systemic enzymes and sleep counteract inflammation, that explains the new found spaciousness, well-being and exactitude I've been feeling.

I undertook further research and found an interesting article titled ' The Secret to a Pain free Nights Sleep by Gareth Longbottom.

Here's what Gareth has to say relating sleep, inflammation & the necessity for enzymes in one's diet.

' Anybody who suffers from a poor sleeping pattern can testify that it can be an ever growing downward spiral. One restless night after one more can have a drastic and immediate effect on your life, over time this can be a soul destroying battle for a lot of individuals from all walks of life.

During the night time hours our body starts to “wind down” as we are naturally programmed to rest throughout these hours, the body lowers it’s defences which makes it harder to regulate pain and its key trigger……inflammation. This can make getting a great nights sleep practically impossible for some folks.

Most muscular pain is caused by inflammation, and the body’s front line of defense against inflammation are enzymes. The enzymes that occur naturally in our body fight the effects of inflammation by neutralizing the chemicals present in the inflamed location until they reach a level where regeneration and repair of damaged tissue can begin. As we age the amount of enzymes in our body decrease which means it takes us longer to fight off inflammation and discomfort during the night which in turn means more night time discomfort and much less sleep.

This is vitally critical for our body simply because when we reduce inflammation it can have a positive impact on the wellness of our heart, recovery from and prevention of cancer and preventing the onset of Alzheimer’s. Decreasing inflammation also dramatically aids in speeding up our ability to recover from fractures, bruising, strains, sprains and also arthritis.

Enzymes are also vitally essential for those dealing with heart well being issues as they regulate the quantity of excess fibrin in the blood, fibrin causes the blood to thicken and clot as a natural defense against tissue harm. Whilst this is a important procedure in our body, for those with heart trouble the thickening procedure that fibrin causes in the blood is bad news due to the fact as blood thickens it clots, which can lead to heart attack and stroke.

The enzymes in our body are also advantageous for the liver as they help in keeping the blood clean which lessens the work the liver has to perform. When we are tired and our immune system is low we are far more most likely to pick up infection or illness, enzymes clean the blood to aid fight off infections.When our immune program goes into overdrive as a result of certain kinds of infection, enzymes consume the infections that prey on healthy tissue and restore the natural balance in our body.'

So this week has been all about Rest, Well-Being ... Creativity and Blisss ! :)

When I am awake though, I am much more productive and efficient.
I put in less visible effort, yet I find that I accomplish more.
 I'm blown away ...  I wish I'd discovered this knowledge two years ago when I was knee deep in production for our tv show 'THE MOTO - Inside the Outdoors' and dealing with extreme deadlines for Fuel TV.  I could have used the bounty of resources I am becoming privy to now.

On top of that I seem to be experiencing more good fortune. I'm also more optimistic about life in general and my spirits are buoyant . This new lease of life has been the greatest gift of this regimen.

I'm reminded to put my health first, and always treat my body like a Temple. The fruits of such a practise are just too abundant !

I feel content, complete and I'm excited for the week ahead. La vita Bella !

See you at week 5 :)
Mahira A.



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