Raw Vegan Sources of Protein ~ Amply supplied in more ways than one ! :)

NOTE: I'm posting this picture for a purpose.

This is Alexey Voyevoda he is a fully raw vegan Russian bodybuilder.

This is to provide a visual in response to the lisssstttt of questions I have received namely around the topic ... 

Simple & easy ! It's in everything! Fruits, veggies, dark leafy greans, it's in superfoods like spirulina. It's also in chia seeds, hemp seeds and nuts etc.... Protein is abundant in so many sources! RESEARCH IT ! 
Google is rich with free resources on the lifestyle.

The Lord's design is so perfect that in our most effortless lifestyle, we are provided with all our needs.

Simply pick a fruit or vegetable, even wild grasses and weeds that are extremely nutritious but generally overlooked !

Walk barefoot in soil ... the bacteria in soil can equip a healthy, CLEAN body with it's b12 needs. ( If your body is not clean however you need supplements )

Take in the Sun's rays ( Vitamin D ) ... a healthy body is able to receive all its needs from Nature ... simply... without having to hunt or kill an animal.

If you really want to increase your nutritional intake, begin by Cleansing & Purging your body. Clean your gut and colon. I cannot begin to tell you how imperative this is.Just watch as your mind clears and your energy levels soar.

Misinformation leads the public to place attention on weight loss.
It's not about weight. Forget the weight.

It's about being CLEAN.
Clean your body so that it can perform & look the way it was designed to be.

Focus on cleanliness and the body takes care of itself.

I have even heard of missing teeth growing back on a raw vegan diet.

Every manner of disorder is handled by the body when it is given the opportunity to move from digestion to ketosis/healing.
For we are fearfully and wonderfully made smile emoticon heart emoticon

1 Corinthians 3:16 ~
"Do you not know that you are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you?"

Unfortunately due to greed and food addictions, most bodies remain in a state of constant digestion. The world is filled with food addicts who are not even aware that they are addicts. The standard colon is clogged with waste matter that is constantly releasing poisons.

Meat, fish, bread and rice create pus and mucus in the body, which feeds worms & parasites. The body, mind and emotions are clouded.

This is the drugged state that most people have adapted to.
Heavy emotions are the result of a heavy diet. if you're waking up in the morning feeling depressed it very likely means you're clogged up, in a toxic state and your lymphatic system is stagnant.

When you focus on cleansing, simplifing things and shift to live raw uncooked foods ALONE, the difference is remarkable !

There is a sense of liberation and freedom on a clean raw diet that is hard to describe. This is how we were meant to be .
Our very best selves !
Clean and free. ALIVE and WELL !

Back to The Word ...because it always goes back to His Word.

What are we called to do as Saints?
We are to expand His Kingdom by sharing the glorious gospel through the great commission.

We are also called to crucify the flesh.
This refers to handling any form of addiction.

Food just happens to be the most common, everyday addiction.
An addiction that is so blatant and so in front of our faces that no one sees it!

Constant digestion of rich foods is heavy, heavy work, that becomes a distraction from the body's natural function ...it obstructs the body from moving into a state of healing & detox that is naturally written in the body.

Our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit.
We must truly treat it as one ... in all ways, in every way.

1 Corinthians 6:20
~ " For you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body. "

P.S. If anyone asks me the protein question again, I will just flash Alexey's pic again ! :) lolol
God bless !
Ahava Sarah

*** Here's a tip - If you're ever in a position where let's say there's a state of emergency in the country and there is no food. Chew on wild, unsprayed grasses & then spit out the fiber ( our stomachs can't handle the tough fiber in grasses but it thrives on the nutrients ) . You'll be nourished.


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