Establishing Heavenly Governments on Earth - The Bench of 3, 7 & 12


Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. ~ Matthew 6:10

There are Heavenly protocols that are of great benefit to assume in our hierarchical structures (government, organizations or ministries) here on Earth.

Why? Because Heaven looks for a shadow of itself to rest upon.

The following videos & podcasts by Mike Parsons and Ian Clayton provide information on the Heavenly governments.

The governmental patterns such as the Bench of 3,7 and 12 are also discussed.

Ahava Sarah Fischer.


Session 1 - Courts & Government of Heaven (Ian Clayton)

This will revolutionise you and change the way you see the world! Session (1) of the Courts & Government of Heaven school recorded in Cardiff Wales, with Ian Clayton and Company of Burning Hearts. Get ready to go to new places and to begin to operate in the Courts and Justice System of God. No going back after this series!

Session 2 - Courts & Government of Heaven (Ian Clayton)

In this second episode Ian Clayton builds on session one explaining how we engage with unseen realities through the screen of our mind, experience and faith. Stretching, life changing messages to send into uncharted seas!

Session 3 - Courts & Government of Heaven (Ian Clayton) 

Progressing from Session 1 and 2, Ian now explorers the Hebraic concept of the Bench of Three, the Seven and the Council of 70. He proposes a shift in how we see the function and form of Government as Heaven looks for a Shadow of itself to rest upon.



Session 4 - Courts & Government of Heaven (Ian Clayton)

In the fourth session, Ian Clayton continues the journey into administering Justice, and becoming part of the Government of Heaven. A kingdom of Kings and Priests.

Session 5 - Courts & Government of Heaven (Ian Clayton)

In session five you will learn to take responsibility as a Priest and King within the realm of Heaven. God is looking for those who will take charge of His courts, and release Justice on the Earth.

Session 6 - Courts & Government of Heaven (Ian Clayton)

Fun Q&A Session on the topic of how to operate in the Courts, Dinosaurs, Aliens and much more. Hope you enjoy this as much as we did.

Session 7 - Courts & Government of Heaven (Ian Clayton)

In this joy filled session seven, Ian Clayton shares on Angels and the many types that are around the Throne. This will encourage you that you are not alone but are surrounded by incredible beings! 

This session contains the following subjects:
Encounter the scroll protocols
Investiture of a bench of 3
3, 7 and 12 governmental patterns
Beginning and the end manifestation of the freedom of the glory of the children of God
Developing hope
Exponential growth

The subsequent links by Mike Parsons were prepared by Elizabeth Gomez of THE ECCLESIA OF BURNING ONES. Thank you so much Elizabeth!
Jan 7, 2014
The session covers many questions relating to Benches of 3 or Apostolic Councils and the 7 mountains associated with them.
Jan 13, 2014
This session includes the following subjects:
Spiritual criteria for Benches of 3.
Pursuing wisdom on the heights of Proverbs 8
Engaging the 7 spirits of God;
Transformation and the 9 fire stones of Ezekiel 28;
engaging the 4 faces of God;
Colors and dimensions of GodVision interpretation;
Council of 12 with the cloud of witnesses;
3 -7 and 12 in regard to church government;
Dance Floor and communion.
Jan 16, 2014
This session includes the subjects:
Preparing the mentoring pathway;
Benches of 3 and the sound of heaven;
Spheres of heavenly government and the 4 faces of God.
Activation exercise with the scroll around the ark, the record or scroll room,
mountain throne,
meeting wisdom on the heights,
planting the seed of testimony in the garden of our hearts.
Jan 21, 2014
This session includes the subjects:;
An in depth look at heavenly government Benches of 3 and how they function;
The scroll of destiny in relationship to heavenly authority.
Feb 3, 2014
This session includes the following subjects.
Benches of 3 the relational process
New and old orders of ministry
Challenges and dangers of exercising heavenly authority
Simultaneously operating in heaven and on earth.
Creating and expanding the spiritual atmosphere around our lives
Engaging the heavenly angel assigned to our destiny.
Feb 10, 2014
This session includes the following subjects;
Sharing encounters;
The process of the Court of Kings;
Government released from what you carry in your hearts;
Activation exercise Investing a Bench of 3, 
Wisdoms heights,
Court of angels,
Engaging the lion.


Peter Richards said…
Can you please tell me where I might find information about these courts ? Court of the upright, court of angels, court of war.

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