I will not eat until my message is given

' I will not eat until my message is given. ' ~ Genesis 24:33

DREAM - Early morning 13 July 2015

Oh my gosh ... I feel like I returned from different worlds when I woke up this morning ... So much happened.... Whoa... am still taking it all in.. getting used to being back here in reality. It was that surreal ...

I will share the third & last part of the dreams that came last night.

I felt a cool liquid being poured down my throat.
I knew someone was pouring it.

I drank it all up enjoying it so much!!!!

I started to stir and awaken and I was wondering where I was.
Was I in the kitchen drinking ? ....
Then I realized I was in bed !!!!!!
I had been drinking water in a dream ( in the spirit ) and not in the natural! That made me so happy BECAUSE THE SENSATION WAS INCREDIBLE !!!!!

It was still very early in the am.... I closed my eyes again and went back to sleep.
I entered a deep sleep rapidly.

I was with friends.
There were four of us in total sitting at a table.
And we were being served a FEAST of all kinds of food.
You could ask for anything you wanted and it would be served to you!
We were all enjoying our food so much.
IT WAS A FEAST. And that had such meaning!
IT WAS WONDERFUL !!! The company was GREAT and the food was AMAZING AND I WAS WELL-FED :)

***Many things transpired after the feast that I do not understand....I won't go into those details.
Moving on.

I then found myself inside a house.

I began to realize that my father owned this house.
And I was being told that I was the heir to this home.
There was a young man outside the house who was going to come in.
He was preparing to enter ... and he wanted to speak to me.
He seemed like a very passionate man.
There was a voice that was giving me insight into this man.

This voice was acting as a counselor and a guide to me.
The voice told me things about this young man and how to engage with him. I was surprised by some of the things I was being told.
Also it was unusual .... I was told to be very neutral and not to use emotion ( good or bad ) in my communication with him.

Then I heard the voice say

This statement kept ringing in my head. It was being sealed in my mind.
He ( the voice ) kept talking to me ...
Teaching me many many things....
He was speaking about different people too.
But His earlier statement kept coming back to mind.

The Voice also told me to now begin to prepare to leave the house and go on a trip ... I was readying myself mentally to travel.

Shortly after, I woke up ...

*** I then looked up the verse I WILL NOT EAT UNTIL MY MESSAGE IS GIVEN in the Book of Genesis because I have been studying it these past few days ).

It was spoken by Abraham's servant who was sent on a trip on an errand for his Master.

This is the verse.
Genesis 24:33

" And there was set meat before him to eat: but he said, I will not eat, until I have told mine errand. And he said, Speak on." ( KJV)

And bread was set before him. But he said: I will not eat, till I tell my message. He answered him: Speak. ( Douay-Rheims )


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