The Tree of Knowledge - as described in the Book of Enoch

From the extra-biblical text
 The Book of Enoch
( formerly part of the canon ) 

Chapter 31

1 After these things, 
surveying the entrances of the north, 
above the mountains, 
I perceived seven mountains 
replete with pure nard, odoriferous trees, cinnamon and papyrus.

2 From there I passed on above the summits of those mountains to some distance eastwards, and went over the Erythraean sea. (37)

(37) Erythraean sea. The Red Sea.

And when I was advanced far beyond it, 
I passed along above the angel Zateel
and arrived at the garden of righteousness. 

In this garden I beheld, among other trees, some which were numerous and large, and which flourished there.

3 Their fragrance was agreeable and powerful, and their appearance both varied and elegant. 

The tree of knowledge also was there, of which if any one eats, he becomes endowed with great wisdom.

4 It was like a species of the tamarind tree, bearing fruit which resembled grapes extremely fine; and its fragrance extended to a considerable distance. 

I exclaimed,  
How beautiful is this tree, and how delightful is its appearance!

5 Then holy Raphael, an angel who was with me, answered and said, 

This is the tree of knowledge, 
of which your ancient father and your aged mother ate, 
who were before you; and who, obtaining knowledge, 
their eyes being opened, 
and knowing themselves to be naked, 
were expelled from the garden.


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