Calling all Medical Saints in Christ !

Calling all Medical Saints in Christ! :)

If you have a background in the medical field, I'd like to introduce you to my dear friend Dr Susan Richards.

She is a medical doctor who is spearheading an expansive medical ministry project that will run throughout the US.

Susan and her team are currently developing the first Medical School of Supernatural Healing Training Program in the nation.

The program will equip students to become exceptional healers who experience supernatural miracle healings from God while praying for the sick. The program will provide the students with the medical knowledge of anatomy, physiology (function) of the major systems of the human body as well as the pathology (symptoms and cause of disease) to be more effective in their healing ministry.

They will also receive training in alternative medicine so that they can instruct the sick about healthier diet, nutrition, detoxification, fasting, the use of nutritional supplements and other lifestyle habits to better maintain their health and wellness.

Susan is working with senior pastors of churches to develop the first Medical School of Supernatural Healing training program in the US to train people to walk in the power and love of God while praying for healing the sick and experiencing God's supernatural healing on a consistent basis.

She is also developing a national series of healing centers/community centers that will have healing rooms that are open 24/7 and incredible activities to serve their communities. Doctors, nurses and other health care professionals combine their skills of the physical body and share this knowledge along with a deep knowledge of their identity in Christ.

An array of healthcare professionals with be lecturing, teaching, leading prayer groups, mentoring students teaching them, interacting with them and leading healing groups.

This is a highly customized ministry that is unique and thoroughly fruitful in diverse ways.

The medical ministry is also being filmed and documented. Some of the filming has already taken place in California. If you are open to being filmed you may be included in this aspect as well.

Dr Susan Richards received her M.D from Northwestern University School of Medicine and has served on the clinical faculty of Stanford University School of Medicine.

In just over two years, she has more than 1.000.000 subscribers on her FB site and is receiving 1,500,000 requests for healing prayer each year.

She is also a successful author and has herself been engaged in medical ministry bringing the love, light & healing of Christ in the hospitals & ICU units that she works in.

Signs, wonders and miracles have been abundant in her ministry.
The blind have seen, broken bones have mended, diseases healed!

Susan has been anointed and prepared for an expansion of this ministry, and if you are in the medical field in any part of the US, you are invited to hop on board.

Susan and I have been praying for this venture to come into fruition and it has taken off in unprecedented fashion. Such is the grace of the Lord !

Please contact Dr Susan Richards DIRECTLY at if you are interested in joining their ministry team & their numerous projects. You can also visit her website at

Shalom & God bless you ! <3 br="">Ahava Sarah Fischer.


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