Peaches & Salvation

   Photo by Ahava Sarah Fischer

Hi everyone :)

I went to the supermarket to get some peaches. 

This bowl of peaches served as my lunch today. The rest of my energy I receive from YESHUA, the Bread from Heaven. So, I ministered to the cashier at the supermarket and she got saved !

I should call this day Peaches & Salvation Day - 15 July 2015 


Ahava Sarah Fischer

"Then the master told his servant, 'Go out to the roads and country lanes and compel them to come in, so that my house will be full. ~ Luke 14:23

 SUCH a bussssy day today. I've been rushing getting a bunch of things done!

I happened to stopped by the store to get something really quickly.
While paying I couldn't help but overhear the cashier speaking to her friend ( she worked at the store too ) . 
Her friend was talking about the pain she was in. She was a young girl, probably around 21.

I couldn't take it anymore ! I asked her, Excuse me, did you say you're in pain?

She was embarrassed and brushed it aside and apologized.
I explained that I was asking because I'm in ministry. I'll pray and your pain will leave.

I asked her what the pain was and how she got it.
She started telling me about a fight she got into with her partner and then became very vague ... and said PAIN IS LOVE. ( p.s. Her name is Kristen )
I said, Pain is NOT Love Kristen.God has such wonderful plans for you and this is not His plan. I'd love to pray for you.

I had a funny feeling ... I asked her...Did your boyfriend hurt you or did you hurt yourself ? ( *I was started to feel like she was inflicting pain on herself in some way...)

It was spot on ... she admitted that she had been harming herself.

So I laid hands on her and ministered to her and addressed all self-hate, suicide, low self-esteem , etc etc.

She was starting to look better and was receiving it.

I knew this was the OPPORTUNE time.
She had told me she wasn't a Christian .... wow I just KNEW this was the day the Lord had planned for her. 

I said .. none of us can do anything on our own. We can try but it only goes so far...and its exhausting and confusing to strive on our own effort.
And I told her there is so much heavenly help available when we turn to the Lord. Jesus is the Prince of Peace and in His arms we have rest because He bore all our burdens. I asked her would you like to take Jesus as Lord right now ?

She said yes. She wanted His help.

And so I took her through the sinner's prayer.
She pledged allegiance to Jesus as her Lord and Saviour.

I then asked, Hows your pain ? :)


I told her to remember this day 15 July 2015 its a very important day for her.
She said she wouldn't forget it !

BLESS KRISTEN, LORD YAHWEH and hold her in your arms and guide, bless & assist her in everyway. Extend your Grace, Love and Healing upon her in the name of YESHUA !!!! AMEN.


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