Guide to performing an extended fast ...

Guide to performing an extended fast. 

What I have learned personally is not to let too legalistic about fasting.
Do away with the pre-conceived guidelines that the intellect may enforce on your experience.

Instead, allow Holy Spirit to dictate the presets of your fast.

Water Fasting ?
A pure water fast is fine for an unsupervised short fast of 3-7 days.

But for a fast that is longer than 7 days, there are things to bear in mind.

I used to fast strictly on distilled water. In fact, I was adamant about a pure distilled water fast. With the long fast ( that my body was not prepared for), it actually proved quite dangerous. Toxins were being loosed and not expunged ... and I was blacking out from the overwhelming detoxification.

So I've learned to trial and experience.

For those who are new to the long fast ( 21 to 40 days ), I have this to suggest.

Master Cleanse/ Lemonade Fast
Rather than going purely on water, I would suggest adding liquids that are better able to aid in the cleansing of the body, such as coconut water for the host of electrolytes it offers.

Or the lemonade mix from the master cleanse recipe which will supply the body's need for minerals during the fast.  The Master Cleanse is essentially a lemonade fast, plus an herbal-laxative tea twice daily and, if you wish, a 32 ounce glass of mildly salted water every other morning.
Here's the Master Cleanse recipe that you may choose to add as your main liquid during an extended fast.

  • 2 Tablespoons Lemon Juice
  • 2 Tablespoons Raw Coconut Nectar ( or grade B Maple syrup )
  • 1/8 Teaspoon Cayenne Pepper
  • 10 oz. Water (spring or purified)
Juice Fasting
Besides the lemonade fast, there is the option of juice fasting. Green juices, fruit juices and clear broths will provide a moderate means of fasting.

In addition to your fast, you may choose to add

You can choose to include a wheatgrass+water drink daily ( Wheatgrass mops up toxins & provides small, manageable amounts of protein). Your body can't ingest as much protein during a fast, so keep that in mind. (I mention this for those who have added heavy amounts of protein powders to their liquids.)

**Laxative tea
I would highly recommend a daily laxative tea ( as is the mainstay with the Master Cleanse). The body draws out a tremendous amount of toxins during the fasting process and the tea assists in it's elimination.

When your body is cleaner in the future, you can go on a pure water fast. But without the preparation for it or supernatural guidance to do so, I would suggest taking on a liquid fast.

I personally choose to include communion when I fast.
I take a very tiny piece of a cracker & juice and perform communion 1-3 times a day when fasting.

In Conclusion,
Check in with Holy Spirit and get the go ahead from Him, on
1) How to fast ( He will let you know the fast that is right for you )
2) When to fast.
3) How long to fast.

 To the world you appear to be depriving yourself and this journey seems like afflicting oneself.

Take on a new mindset of FEASTING on Him. If you get past the notion of this being difficult, it will be much easier and more enjoyable for you. Know that you will be fed in new ways, so look forward to a supernatural feast opening up for you during this time.

Challenging times are to be expected too lol You will experience conflict. Don't give in to the lie. Keep going, and take it day by day.

Worship, feeding on His Word & taking communion are powerful during your fast.

Prepare for wild dreams and encounters and great grace & favour in the natural too! This has been my experience in the past.

**Note : Taking (wheatgrass supplements, powder or shots ) during your fast will prevent the hairloss usually seen in long fasts.

Hope that helps!

Ahava Sarah Fischer

** I want to add that this guide is not just for those relatively new to extended fasting, it also applies for those who are lean and cannot afford to lose excessive amounts of weight, yet have a desire to engage in an extended fast.

If you can't afford to lose too much weight and yet are guided to fast, there are ways to go about it without turning into a shadow of yourself! Believe me, it's not a pretty picture to get too skinny lol :)

You can't help but lose a LOT of weight even during a supplemented fast, however adding the Master Cleanse recipe & additional liquids/juices can prevent an overly-dramatic weightloss & overwhelming detox eruptions.

Listen to Holy Spirit's guidance on the fast He has chosen for you. It doesn't matter what anyone thinks or knows about your fast. This is a private matter that you are engaging in for the Lord and He will honor it.


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