The SuperBeing Regime - WEEK 1 :)

Dearest Friends & Family :)
Here's a little update on the first week of my self-titled SuperBeing Regime ... 

If you've read my earlier blog entry, you'll know that this 3 month long regime consists largely of a high intake of Systemic enzymes by BIOMEDIC LABS (  ) , Superfoods and Sunshine :)

I have been taking a total of 40 systemic enzyme tablets a day (a combination of Serra-RX & Serracor-NK), 20 in the morning & 20 at night, always on an empty stomach, and followed by several glasses of water.

In addition, BIOMEDIC LABS has supplied me with -
- Hyaluronic Acid ( that supports joint and connective tissue functions and skin health ) 
- DimPro RX (that supports hormonal balance & weight management. It increases the production of estrogen, protecting the cells and inhibiting the growth of tumours. It is also highly effective in the treatment of uterine fibroid tumours, endometriosis,  fibrocystic breasts, moodiness,), 
- Clear Lung Formula ( a Chinese herbal remedy that acts as a lung decongestant ) 
- N-Acetyl RX ( an amino acid supplement that aids the detox process by breaking up mucus in the lungs, raising antioxidant levels,removing mercury from the body,preventing liver damage, protecting against cancer, etc )

I also exercise lightly 3 times a week and I have been eating more raw foods & superfoods.

So let me update you on the results of this new regimen, as it truly lives up to its name !

It's only been a week but I have to say, I feel like my entire life is turning around.
I have more energy during the day, I am thoroughly optimistic and generally happier . I have a clarity now that seems to be sharpening every few days ... In fact there has been such a transformation in my life, I'm going to list all the benefits out, so that no detail is lost. :)

1) Weight Loss . My waist has cinched in and my stomach has flattened. My waist continues to feel like its narrowing everyday. When I started this program I was 108 pounds and as of today I am a 106 pounds. I have lost 2 pounds. Pretty dramatic as I'm already slim, and also because I wasn't expecting to lose weight. This has been the fun part, as I feel so much better in my body . I love having a tighter waist :)

Note: I am slightly concerned about losing more weight. I did want to get leaner and tighter but I don't want to lose too much weight, so I will be increasing my intake of healthy fats ( avocado, etc ) to offset further weight loss.

2) My breathing has improved. I have broken my nose several times and have had a septoplasty to improve my breathing as I have been unable to breathe properly on the left side of my nose. Since taking enzymes for this week, I have noticed a considerable improvement in my breathing. I can draw clear breaths on my right side and my intake of breath on my left side has improved slightly. This has been a huge relief for me .

3) I have been Inspired ! I find that when I do go to bed , I am lulled into a deep, deep sleep, filled with surrender . There is a very different quality to the rest I now receive. It feels like a rich, warm slumber overtakes me and during this lapse of time, I receive vivid images, guidance and inspiration. I did not expect this aspect to be a part of my new lifestyle, but it has been probably one of the most enjoyable aspects. I asked my boyfriend, who is a holistic practitioner, why this is happening. One thing he noted is that I have a fine scar directly over my third eye. I had a bad accident when I was 7-8 yrs old and landed in the hospital with 11 stitches on my forehead. The scar has faded considerably but remains to this day. He suggested that the enzymes may be clearing the region, as a result my third eye is being re-activated , which would explain the bright images and symbols I am seeing during my meditation and the ease with which I can enter a deep, meditative state.

*One thing to note tho, when bedtime arrives, I do get sleepy earlier than usual and I need a nap during the day.So if you do decide to take on this program, do give yourself more time to rest.

4) Clarity. I am experiencing much more clarity, I am more efficient and productive. The things I used to do that would fritter away my time, I indulge in much less. So I procrastinate less and I'm able to accomplish more. Surprisingly, when I connect with others, I have better focus and have become a better listener... I have been wondering how this has come about as a result of a health regimen. My thoughts are ... as the enzymes are effectively clearing wastes, toxins and excess fibrin/scar tissue in my body, they return my body to its original, optimal state, that of a finely-tuned instrument.

5) I'm Happier :) Besides going to the gym, socializing and saying hi to some awesome neighbors, exercising regularly has added a new dimension to my Life. I exercise very lightly. All I have committed to is an hour on the elliptical, 3 times a week. Yet I'm surprised how much more joyful my life has become as a result of this small addition to my lifestyle.

Tips -I notice that the amount of water I drink has a profound effect on the entire regimen. A minimum of 2 litres a day, significantly and positively improves results.

If you're going to invest in systemic enzymes, do take in the hydration you need to experience them at their finest.

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Daniel Taylor said…
Thank you so much for sharing this blog.I also thinkSerracor is really nice medicine.
I really find your superbeing project interesting. Please can you tell me what the superfoods you used are? Sounds like you got great results with the whole thing.

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