The SuperBeing Regime - Systemic Enzymes, Superfoods & Sunshine :)

Dearest Friends & Family,

As of Sunday June 5th, 2011, I have begun a 3 month long regime.
 This is a regime that I have created to return to the SuperBeing I am designed to BE. :)

The SuperBeing regime includes -

1) Systemic Enzymes ! A heavy dosage of Systemic Enzymes by BIOMEDIC LABS ( ) . This is a crucial aspect of my regime as systemic enzymes address the build-up of firbine in the body, which is the main precursor to disease& ageing. Enzymes dissolve firbin which shows up as scars & blockages within the body, clearing the effects of age, physical trauma ( surgery, wounds, etc ), in effect returning the body to its optimal state.

2) Superfoods! I'm increasing my intake of raw foods, fresh organic juices & Superfoods ! I still do eat cooked foods but have reduced my indulgence in cooked meals, however 'healthy' they appear to be. I am also choosing only organic foods as much as I possibly can. My intake of water has increased to a minimum of 1-2 litres a day. (This is absolutely necessary with the high level of enzymes I'm ingesting )

3) Sunshine ! I've commited to at least an hour of exercise 3-5 times a week. I have a gym onsite and I live next to the beach, so this part is proving to be a lot of fun already .

I celebrated the first day of my regime at the beautiful Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona, CA, no less than Paradise. :)
 It was a great way to begin the Amazing journey. Do join me as I post weekly updates of my experience .
I am so thrilled to return back to being the SuperHero that I am !
( Incredible beings that we were all designed to be really )

p.s. I use the terms SuperBeing, SuperHero half in jest, but in truth, by simply making this commitment to optimal health, I am feeling the transformation already ! And it feels Delicious :)

Weekly updates & pics to come.

So WATCH this Space :)

P.s. Thank you so much BIOMEDIC LABS for sponsoring my journey. I chose your company due to the integrity of your delivery system, the use of plant-based ingredients as well as the strength of Enzymes in your Supplements.

5 Benefits of Systemic Enzymes: 
1. Reduces fibrosis (scar tissue)
2. Reduces inflammation
3. Modulates the immune system
4. Cleanses the blood
5. Attack Viruses

1) Fibrosis: 
Fights the aging process by removal of fiber buildup.
Helps Fibromyalgia by reducing fiber build up.
Reduces Endometriosis by removal of fiber buildup.
Helps reduce Pulmonary Fibrosis.
Reduces chronic fatigue.
Reduces thickening of the blood (fibrin deposits)
Helps to unclog the micro circulation reducing spider veins and wrinkles.
Reduces formation of scar tissue.
Helps reduces post-operative scar tissue.

2) Inflammation:
Reduces inflammatory effect of over-the-counter pain killers.
Reduces liver toxin.
Reduces joint and muscle inflammation.
Lowers inflammation by removing toxins and debris in the circulation system.

3) Viruses:
Helps internal filters clean the circulation system.
Improves anti-viral, kills the virus.
Lowers viral loading.

4) Immune Modulation:
Works to balance the entire body synergy
organs and tissues.
Helps modulate the cell-signaling pathway that triggers immune activation.

5) Blood Contamination:
Reduces clogging of the micro - circulation system.
Improves the detoxification of the blood.
Improves the condition of white blood cells.
Improves the absorption of vitamin and mineral supplements.

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Mahira, that sounds like an awesome routine to get into. I bet in 3 months time you'll be feeling so awesome that you won't even want to go back to old habits :)

Congrats and enjoy the vitality!


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