Of Crossroads & Elixirs ...

2 Kings 6:17 ~ Then Elisha prayed and said, “O Lord, I pray, open his eyes that he may see.” And the Lord opened the servant’s eyes and he saw; and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.

At the juncture ...

It is where a man arrives at crossroads in his life that a most remarkable event occurs.

Heavenly beings converge about him.

The unseen realms reveal a spectacular sight as a myriad of beings arrive in unison. 

Eager to provide assistance, they assuage upon the questioning soul like a divinely conspired whirlpool of living waters.

Waters are suddenly made freely available, swirling in waves as if embracing him.

Glorious hydration that dispatches deep levels of refreshment and cleansing.

He has a decision to make ... at this first crossroad...

Will he drink it ?

If he rejects any form of self-sabotage that aims to threatens both his well-being and his life, he has made a wise decision.

He reaches for heavenly and delightful nectars.
Living waters glisten, it's cool streams pour down his throat.
Nourishment like no other ...
His body temple devours this feast, finally being satiated after a lifetime of thirsting.... 
He is refreshed and fed.

He turns to look about him, with eyes now wide awake ...
catching glimpses of this orchestration in the unseen.
His childlike nature ... begins it's return....

This elixir of LOVE is from the King of Kings Yeshua Ha'mashiach.
This elixir bears LIFE. 
This elixir never ceases to move and flow within him.

It begins to plant incalculable seeds within this temple.
A temple now claimed for the Lord.

His heart now appears like an ember, newly ignited, it is aglow.
He begins to feel old feelings.
Feelings that in the past were brashly pushed away in the past. 
He begins to remember a series of yesterdays.
They dance and flicker by. 
He realizes and mourns over the mistakes of his past ...
The convicting power of Holy Spirit now grips this precious heart.

And in uncanny fashion, the shackles of the past seem to dissipate.
His tears dissolve their chains.

BE Aware. 
It was at the crossroads, that the precious elixir was gifted.

A rare opportunity is presented, upon a moment so carefully planned and set in place.
And when that moment arrives, and the wise traveler DRINKS with wild abandon.
He receives it with open arms!

From the standstill of crossroads, he is suddenly launched upon a clear and narrow road.
The one road ...
The only road ... designed for him, so perfectly constructed... and wonderfully made.

This path with time, continues to narrow.

At an appointed time, it transforms once more. 
Tapering like a living being into a most pristine, and singular path.

He has been launched upon a journey like no other !

Beyond his imagination, exceeding his expectation, transforming him in ways he could not have foreseen.

Though, I leave you with a caution.
For this path is also one that becomes brutal in it's beauty.
With time, it is almost unbearable in it's refinement.

 Our faithful traveler, his heart has grown so large.
A weight too heavy for his chest.
And yet he presses on.

While the passing observer, glimpses him on his journey. 
He is puzzled.
To his uncircumcised eye, the traveler appears on a path so austere, it seems empty.
It seems so rocky at times, almost cruel ... 
" Get off the path and come to safety!" this observer cries.

At this precarious juncture, the traveler falls to his knees.
He weeps!
He is crippled by the beauty of his landscape.
A beauty that none other can see!
Whom can he share this with ?

And his heart ...
He is weighed down by his enormous heart. 
It overwhelms him, it is more at times than he can endure....

But love never fails.

Once more, the skies seem to glimmer ... 
They trickle open. 

Suddenly, unleashing a most spectacular display.

A cornucopia of beings of a most divine nature bless the eyes that can now see them.
They rush in.
They adore and lovingly assuage this weary traveler.

He is comforted.
His body is warmed.
His throat once more, is coolly refreshed. 

But there is a difference in this second encounter.
Refreshment arrives on the narrow way, and this time he is able to drink much more.

He is regenerated and readied.

He has been prepared for this moment with great expectation and great faith. 
This time it is lavishly extolled and abundantly received.

Living waters now travel freely, coursing through the crevices of his body.

Along the journey on the narrow way, much had transpired.

Every valley was filled.
Every mountain was brought down. 
The landscape within mirroring his landscape without.
The traveler was humbled.

And so, what were once weak rivers now gain power! 
They gain life!
They have been liberation to grow!
They rapidly enlarge into wild, rushing tidal waves.


He feels BOLD and ALIVE !!!!

John 4:13/14
Jesus answered and said to her, "Everyone who drinks of this water will thirst again; but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life."

To be continued 

Written by
Ahava Sarah Fischer
( copyright 2015 )


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