Here is the testimony that I promised to share on my facebook page.
It took me a while to document this ... Boy do I have a testimony !!!

Let me begin by saying that homosexuality is a spirit , a very persistent, convincing one, but it is a spirit nonetheless ...

Knowledge of spiritual warfare helps us recognize this so we are not fazed by what's seen, having discernment of the unseen realms. There is a wiser way to address this spirit & to share the truth of God's word and it absolutely DOES NOT INVOLVE condemnation or judgement.

It also involves divine timing.

Ok so here we go ! :)

Through my life I have had several good as well as best friends who were male homosexuals. For some reason, in my past I've always gotten along very well with friends who happened to be male homosexuals.

I loved their creativity and sense of humour. We had a blast in our friendship and had a lot of great times!

BUT when I became a true believer ... every one of my homosexual friends seemed to fade into the woodwork...

When they saw the sudden radical changes in my life in surrender to Jesus, it was like they were afraid to speak to me.

Frankly, I was as much on guard as they were.

I just didn't know how to communicate freely with my old friends anymore... I was in a quandary, because I absolutely love them, but I also know the root of homosexuality ...

And it's a spiritual condition, not a trait of nature. I've witnessed and been a part of enough deliverances to be able to recognize this particular spirit on someone ... So how could I possibly restrain myself from sharing what I see so clearly...but then again, how can I speak in a manner that I can be received and not bring up defences, offence or hostility!

Not an easy accomplishment.

What matters is getting a life saved ... not engaging in debates.... not winning the argument... and definitely not using fear or bullying techniques to shove the truth down someone's throat. ( unfortunately there is too much of this going on )

It takes wisdom and strategy to WIN the salvation of the soul.
We want unbelievers SAVED ... and so creating a rift is a very foolish, damaging and fruitless route to take.

So what ensued with my friends as a result of these questions ... was a growing silence... and an aloof wall kept growing in size ... between us ...

I suppose that was appropriate since neither of us knew how to react to each other.

One of my very good friends, let's call him John ( a fictitious name to protect his identity ) , was a homosexual. We've known each other since college. Though we haven't met for years now. ( I had several friends in college who were homosexual. He was one.)

When Tom and I first met in person. We were in Asia, John was supposed to come visit us. I knew all of us meeting would be significant!

Yet somehow John got into a car accident on the way to seeing us ... It was clearly the work of the enemy aiming to keep him entrapped. He was shaken from the accident...

And we lost the opportunity to see each other.

We also lost touch with each other from that point ... the awkwardness, the formality, the walls had gone up by then.

Fast forward to 2 years later!

John contacts me because he needs prayers for a family member.

We planned to arrange a skype call, but each time we arranged it, something would come up on his side and it would be cancelled.

It was the enemy again....getting in our way.... and I knew the underlying awkwardness we both still had was contributing to it.

2 weeks ago, Tom and I were with Gregory L. Layton our ministry partner in Lancaster, PA ( www.livingtreesministry.com ).

Greg started sharing a revelation the Lord had been giving him. The revelation was on how to share the truth of the gospel with gays and homosexuals. The motive was to consistently extoll love and be a pillar of support and edification ... whilst waiting for an opportunity, waiting patiently for that crack to present itself before revealing more of the truth of God's word around the topic.

When Greg shared what the Lord was showing him ... I thought of John ...
I had allowed the distance & mishaps to keep us from communicating.
Holy Spirit now began convicting me through Greg's message to get in touch with John immediately!
So I contacted John the next day. I told him the the Lord has been convicting me to call him and pray for him as he had asked me to a few months ago.
John was amazed at the timing.
He said his family member had just been admitted to the hospital that very day and was in critical condition.
He was so broken he had asked God yesterday to please help him with a miracle.
And then my message came ....

So we set up a skype call.
FINALLY we were on the call on skype ... yet once again the enemy tried to create a distraction ...
John was not alone.
One of his gay friends was on the call with him and wanted to be part of it.
His friend said he was a Christian ... but was gay ...

I wasn't sure how to respond and I had to be very careful so as not to drive both of them away.
I knew it was a ploy from the enemy to keep me from speaking deeply with John.
I kept the call light ... and shared a simply explanation of the gospel and then followed by praying for his family member.

I kept it short and sweet.

John contacted me a day later.
He said his family member's condition was starting to get better ... but they still weren't completely healed.
I knew we had to address the deeper issues ...

I told him we needed another skype session, but this time it was imperative that we speak alone.
Our 2nd prayer appointment was set up for a week later.
I was still unsure of what to say to him.

This is a dear friend and he was thoroughly attached to his identity and lifestyle ... as far as I knew.

So I asked Holy Spirit what I should bring up when we spoke.
I heard from Holy Spirit very clearly. But what I heard was a sobering message.
He said to speak about the importance of covenant to the Lord.
And to let my friend know that homosexuality is considered a sin.
Oh boy!
Not an easy way to keep someone who has been homosexual all their lives, listening ...

That's the last thing I wanted to bring up ... I didn't want the walls going up.... I felt it was too soon ... How was this going to work ?... 

Was the moment really presenting itself this early ?

I was concerned.

And so the day of our call arrived.

I was heavy-hearted knowing what I had been instructed me to speak about ...
I asked Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Wisdom to help me ...I would be needing their words and their help!

And finally the moment arrived John and I were on a call together and we were "alone" ...

Finally, I could share my heart, my walk in Christ, I could speak about the gospel freely and most of all I could share about how the Lord had enacted such a remarkable change in my life in every possible way. ...we were talking like the old friends we once were ...It was like no time had passed we were back in college in Australia again.

But in the old days we talked about clubbing and partying ...
and now the conversation so much more warm and intimate....and so meaningful.
John knew me well ... and he has seen with his own eyes that I truly have been born again. So it was a powerful testimony to him.

I was happy to hear that since we last spoke a week before, John had already completed listening to the Book of Matthew! GLORY !
What an encouragement!
We ended up speaking for a long time.

1) I shared my testimony in Christ .... this is the first time he had heard it and he was pretty amazed by it.
2) I shared a more indepth look at the gospel.
3) I explained what it means to be in covenant with God.
4) I spoke on the entrapments of the flesh that every human being falls into without Christ.
5) I spoke about the death to self when we give over our lives to Christ.
6) I then gave the example of the adulterous woman who was quickly forgiven but told to sin no more.

STILL I had not brought up homosexuality ... I was waiting ...

Waiting .... as Greg advised for that opportune moment to present itself ....

Suddenly, John asked me ..." What about me? I'm a homosexual and the Bible says you can't be homosexual. Is homosexuality really a sin ?"

In a very graceful and loving way, I spoke the truth.

I had to. 

I had been instructed to.

Yes it is a sin.
But we have all sinned, we have all fallen short of the mark. We have all sinned.
But what's past is past. Today is a new day.
Everyone comes to Jesus a sinner . He loves us, forgives us and He helps us overcome any limitation with time.
And I explained ... the truth is, you're not homosexual, you simply have a homosexual spirit that has been influencing you so deeply you believed it was you.

John was surprisingly receptive...I was stunned...
I couldn't believe he would be so hungry for everything I was saying.

I shared a word on his life ... that he himself felt that every relationship he was in could never really fulfill him. They would always end. Something always seemed wrong. He also always felt like an outsider in society ... separate from everyone ... there was an eternal loneliness in his life.

He said that was true.
And became very quiet.

I asked if he believed Jesus was God who came as a man and would he like to do the sinners prayer so that Jesus could help him with his struggle ?

I cautioned him that not all changes occur overnight, but certainly transformation takes place with time as he feasts more deeply on the Word and matures in Christ.

He said YES ! He did believe and he understood.
And so I prayed for him .... I took him through the sinner's prayer ...
He took Jesus as Lord
and willingly , HAPPILY renounced homosexuality.
(*What ?????? I'm shocked at this point ... Wow!!!! )

Then he renounced Buddhism , he renounced everything from his past that was not from God !
And said he was willing to die and be born again and live the destiny the Lord had planned for him !!!!

It was truly sacred ... and miraculous ...

While I lead him through prayer he began to cry and heaved a sigh of relief ...
I asked him how he was feeling ...

He said , " I feel peace ...and when you were praying I felt LIBERATED ... I feel Liberated !"
The tears kept flowing down ...His chest heaved and finally relaxed.Holy Spirit was doing a work in him ...It was so clear something supernatural was occurring.

Oh my goodness ... I was witnessing a miracle of a nature I have never seen before my eyes...
This was one of the most special moments in my walk in Christ.
My dear beloved friend from my college days was saved ! And so GRATEFUL for it!

He did something very cute.
After we prayed, he bowed his head and put his hands together like a little child, closed his eyes and with so much honor and reverence said " Thank you Lord Jesus."
Omigosh my heart melted being a witness to such reverence and honor.

Then he asked me excitedly with a big grin, " Am I Christian now ? "

And I said " YES YOU ARE ! IN FACT MAY 17TH IS YOUR BIRTHDAY! You're born again today ! :)
Then he said, " Can I go to church from now on ?"
I said " YESSS!!!! " laughing of course hehe :)
We were hollering and celebrating together !!!! lol :)

 I told him to continue studying the Word of God and he said he would continue with the New Testament that night.

I can't believe that happened ...
Holy Spirit is always always right.
And the Lord always engineers a Way ... he uses members of the Body of Christ, His ambassadors to deliver signs, confirmations, revelations ... to point the Way.
To bring healing ! LIBERATION!

He is so faithful to those who seek Him ...
And when we speak in True Grace ... and True Love ... when we can speak with a heart that is free of judgement ... only then can the truth be successfully delivered at the time appointed by the Lord.

And this truth is SO SHARP, like a two edged sword it SLICES THROUGH ALL BARRIERS ....
Arriving at a moment that BEARS SO MUCH FRUIT! RAPIDLY!

GLORY TO YAHWEH ! He is WORTHY to be praised !

This morning I received a message from John.... 

He said... " Sarah I am so grateful for you. You are a godsend to me"

He also asked me to teach him how to lay hands on his family member to continue to speak life into their lives.


Written by 
Ahava Sarah Fischer


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