Spiritual Rebirth ... the Recovery ... by Mahira A.

I did not expect this at all ... that Peru would be such an intense experience ... and that it would take me this long to recover from the process ... I am finally starting to feel like my normal self and I feel I can begin to function again ... sometimes going through a spiritual rebirthing really follows its own clock to process and unravel ... I know that those who have Kundalini awakenings often need years even lifetimes to process and provide space for the energy to pass through ... so I understand and am learning to be patient during this time ... yes things need time to unravel and I have to embrace that law ... I posted recently that Truth comes at inconvenient times ... but when it arrives it must be Revered and the time and energy it needs must be recognized ... just as the process of being Re-Born ... the baby that arrives with wide-eyes must learn to crawl , before stepping up to walk on its feet ... it can all appear to happen so slowly, your presence so quiet, so still ... yet entire universes along with future dates & destinies are being transformed by the courage you have exhibited upon bravely accelerating on your true path ... I remind myself that it is ok to be still , even in the city where the flurry of activity swirls around me ... ♥ ~ Mahira A. ♥


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