The EGO ~ written by Mahira A.

The Ego is always unattractive, its mirrored shards can only tempt those who choose not to look upon themselves, weary of their own gaze for what they will find within…. 

The sadness, the anger, the loneliness, the misfts, they peer upon the few specks of broken light that glitter and distract them from their pain … and so Gurus are formed, Masters are made, gifted with talents, confidence, self-promotion far removed from the Highest Grace of God … 

Release these addictions that so beseech thee and walk through the purgatory of your withdrawal … and be released once and for all of all things that do not stand immersed in the Humility and begin once more to Choose the Highest. 

Giving Praise and Worship to God and only God.

~ written by Mahira A. 

copyright Mahira Amir Khan 2012

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