Creating Paradise ...

Sometimes you're Compelled to take an Action that makes no Sense....

You struggle to let go of logic and judgement ... and fight the urge to resist.

Eventually you drop your mind and follow this primal instinct ...

Somewhere down the road at a time where all is forgotten ... the pieces pull together, as if drawn by an irresistible magnet ...

A picture forms .... a scene so beautiful ... one you could not have predicted or even hoped for !

Yet you witness its Creation ... Paradise in your hand .

Your gift ... for one act of faith that built an island ...

- Penned by Mahira Amir Khan


Susan said…
Hi Mahira - I came across your site whilst researching for my Creating Paradise Project. Your poem describes just how I feel. Could I put it on my website with a link to yours?

Best wishes
Susan Hayward & others
Hi Susan :)

Yes please put it on your website.

Please denote Mahira Amir Khan as its author :) and yes do link it to mine.

I am so glad it resonated with you.

Thank you !

Mahira A.

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