from the Books of Foreknowledge ...

To all who have the ears to hear, I must announce the magnitude of this momentous occasion.

I have stopped relying on others perspectives and judgements to arrive at an answer.

I utilize my intuition to its fullest for knowledge complete.
I place my faith in the nudges my body gives me. Its coy language I will harken.
This vessel delivers messages with such precision, I now gift myself the mark of a finely honed instrument.
I observe my physical responses ... even the nuances ... especially the nuances.
No one else’s direction , sans divine deliverance, has matched up to the guidance my intuition has given me.

So today, I bow and kiss my very own hands with respect ... for in Innate Guidance rather than External Notions will I Trust.

- written by Mahira Amir Khan copyright 2010


cosmic mermaid said…
lovely affirmation...I will use it because you wrote it.....<3 Thinking of you..x
Thank you so much for your belief in me Cosmic Mermaid :) May I know your name ? love Mahira xoxo

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