She holds my hand

These past few days have been interesting.... I’ve been restless and awake. Sensing the warmth and presence of an invisible hand embracing mine . It leads me gently in a new direction, that's foreign and unknown. I'm being invited to walk a different path than I’m used to...
Last night I felt compelled to express this feeling on paper. I wrote this poem in less than 15 minutes, and was surprised by some of what poured forth.

If you’re reading this poem...this message is for you.....

BlisSsss KisSsess
Mahira A.

              written by Mahira Amir Khan

In my Heart...I feel a Stirring......
Something new is Calling me....
a whisper so sweet
So Primal
It wakes the Deepest parts of me

I remember this Voice
She sang for me
Upon my Birth
She left her gift of Joy

Under my Heart
Wrapped in a Bow
It sits in patient Beauty

Never forget
She says
That I am here
So Come to me
For all your needs

My palm kisses yours
For you to grasp
Its Warmth
Is yours
To feed you

This World you enter
I Create for you
to Play
to Blossom

Never forget
She says
The role you chose
The Dream you must fulfill

I’ll take you there
I’ll smooth your path
So hold firm
the Hand that Leads you

The time is Now
You cannot wait

In me
I ask for Trust
For Faith
For Resolve

I gave you a Warrior’s blood
It courses through your veins
Like brassy liquid gold

The moment has arrived....
The hourglass
It begs to turn....

To see you Leap
from your Nest
Before it Burns
to ashes
Beneath you

It’s Time
To Fly
To Feel
To Roam Free

The Risks you fear
Mere Shadows and Dust
that crumble in your Gaze

In me
As I Deliver
These words that will Guide you

Your Gaze alone
Will crush your Fear
So look it in the Eye
With Boldness
With a Lion’s Heart
I Beseech you

So take that risk
This very second
No time to wait
No Space to Deliberate

Free yourself
From the pain of Less
Less than you came here to do

The Brilliance that
You feel within
the Tale that was told
It’s true

U were designed for this
Made in a Mould
of Infinite Graciousness
Your Soul cannot be Small

Never forget
She says,
Never forget this Song.....

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mgel said…
i am shaking and shivering as i read this, these powerful, beautiful words!
I love it! The Hourglass and warriors blood, thru the gaze..
may your perspectives continue to flourish:
check my blog out if u like, ...
or my website:
michael s gelbart, lcsw
333 estudillo ave suite #206
san leandro, ca 94577
510-287-2527 vm
510-908-9355 cell
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michael I am SO Happy you enjoyed ...and were moved by this writing. That means so much to me !

This poem was written at a very intimate moment....after I had travelled deep in introspection. It was profound for me to watch the words emerge of their own accord. I'm glad the experience was profound for you too.

Thank you for your comment :)

Mahira A.
gulrukh Khan said…
so profoundly beauty-full xx

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