EASTER DREAM - Rabbits in the House of God ?

I dreamt this dream on the morning of Easter Day ( 5th April 2015). 
To this day I cannot forget this encounter.

The Dream Begins
I was standing at the Door of a warm and humble home ...

A noble woman opened the door.
In silence, she invited me in.
As I walked into her warm home, I was captivated by her.
She was extraordinary; a godly woman with the presence of a saint. 

I observed her in great detail.
She was tall, beautiful, elegant and graceful.
Yet she was also humble and quietly authoritative. 
Her hair was fashioned in an immaculate updo.
She clearly had a spirit of excellence about her.
I was in AWE.
What an amazing woman of God, I sensed her purity, humility and goodness - a true Ambassador of His Kingdom!

I began to take in the interior of the home.

In the living area of her home was an open cage.

This open cage was filled with cute adorable rabbits.
I was drawn to one very cute grey rabbit in particular.

I held it up by his ears and showed it to my friend who suddenly appeared in the house.
She was impressed by how cute this rabbit was.
So was I !
It was an extremely ADORABLE, silver, grey rabbit.
Fluffy, cute and amazing. We were swooning over it.
I had picked up the rabbit and singled it out.
I thought that it was such a special rabbit!
But my friend carried it and would not let it go.

She was absolutely in love with it, completely captivated by this grey rabbit.

This rabbit had a name. It was named after a minister that I knew.
This minister was very gifted but he was lacking in the fruit of the spirit.

Then I noticed something quite odd.

Although the cage was in the middle of their home, neither the woman, or anyone else living in the home seemed to even notice the rabbits.
They dismissed them completely, as if they didn't exist.

The godly woman's husband was sitting in chair near the cage.
He actually seemed a little stern. 
But myself and my friend were so enthralled by these delightful rabbits ! 
I didn't understand why the family would just ignore them.
I was puzzled by their lack of response.
After spending a little time with the rabbits, my interest waned.
I decided to move on.
I wanted to explore the rooms of the house instead.

I walked into a room.
The room I stepped into, turned out to be the bedroom of the godly woman's son.

He was a young, intelligent, man with brown skin. 
He was probably in his late teens or early twenties.
He had beautiful eyes and was very handsome.
Like his mother, he had a remarkable presence. 
An innocence.
He seemed " too good " for the world.
Kindness and refinement were written on his face ...

This young man was sitting on his bed.
There was a deep sadness on his face.

A great loneliness.

He longed for friends, for peers who were like him.
But there was no one he could relate to at the college that he was a part of.
He was hungering for HOLY friends so deeply but there were none to be found.
The loneliness about him was palpable.
He was sitting on one corner of his bed, looking down.
I came in and sat down on the end corner of the bed. 
At that point, my cellphone rang. 
There was someone on the line calling me for prayer.
I began praying and ministering on the phone to this person.
I was also speaking of the ways of Heaven to them as we conversed.

The young boy brightened up as I prayed and spoke words of LIFE.
Hope entered his eyes as he overheard my conversation.
He began to sit up. 
Happiness showed on his face ... A smile was forming
It was as if he realized that there were indeed others like him.
He wasn't alone. 

His heart began to fill with joy and hope. 
He came closer to me so he could spend time with me.

*** END OF DREAM ***

I did not understand this dream at first.
But I knew it was important as it was a powerful and memorable encounter.
I asked Holy Spirit to help me interpret it. This is what He showed me.

1) Who was the Godly woman ?

She was Mary, mother of Yeshua. 
I always imagined that Mary would be short in stature and she probably was, but in the dream she was tall and graceful.
It was a relief to meet her and begin to understand her.
I had been asking the Lord over the year to help me understand how to treat Mary.
I was confused by the Catholic treatment of Mary.
I knew she was honored to be chosen as Jesus' earthly mother and I know it's important to revere her.
But I had been very unnerved by the worship of Mary.

The dream showed me that she is indeed to be REVERED just like every other saint of the Lord's.
He does indeed exalt the humble.

The woman I met was so humble, it was clear that she would not want to be worshipped.
Meeting her in the dream, cleared all my questions in one fell sweep !

2) Who was the lonely, young man?

He was Yeshua/Jesus Christ.
He earnestly desires the company of other holy saints.

3) Why rabbits?

Deuteronomy 14:7 
 Nevertheless these ye shall not eat of them that chew the cud, or of them that divide the cloven hoof; as the camel, and the hare, and the coney: for they chew the cud, but divide not the hoof; therefore they are unclean unto you.
Leviticus 11:6
"And the hare, because he cheweth the cud, but divideth not the hoof; he is unclean unto you."
*Biblically, rabbits are unclean animals. 

Rabbits are also a pagan symbol of witchcraft, sorcery.
The rabbits were in the House of God.
Sorcery has entered the House of God ... disguised as a harmless, loveable creature.
The rabbits were captivating and people would swoon and fall in love with them based on appearances.
But Mary, her husband and their son Yeshua took no heed of them despite allowing them in their house.

*The rabbits seem to represent people who have entered ministry/the House of God. 
These people are dearly loved due to their gifts and the appearance they give, yet they are unclean.

These rabbits draw the adoration of humans but they do not carry weight in the house of God.
Human beings are often deceived and captivated by their gifts/appeal.

The rabbits are likeable and loveable.
In fact, in the dream I was captivated at first. 
But I lost interest and moved away from the cage of rabbits.
( In hindsight, I began to look back at the past.
I was indeed captivated by a particular ministry with fantastic miracles.  
As I matured, I lost interest in it.
I left it. I let it go and moved on.   
In fact I the Lord's guided me to let it go and He would not allow to attend their gatherings anymore.
I realize now that this ministry was 'unclean'.
 My loss of interest was really Holy Spirit's protection keeping me away from it. 
Just as the dream relayed, I stepped away.  
And now the dream was helping me understand in greater depth why it was necessary to separate myself. )

*The rabbits seem cute and harmless, yet they symbolize witchcraft.

( Sorcery can disguise itself as good, cute, innocent, funny, wonderful! ).
In other words, the one you least expect, the one you most adore, could be an "unclean" animal.
This is why dismissed by citizens of Heaven who are not deceived by "appearances".
*Rabbits also speak of rapid multiplication.
Deeper references to rabbits
Rabbit: Satan; evil spirits; pagan celebration of Easter; rapid multiplication.  
What comes to mind is a rapid multiplication of deception and sorcery in the church.
Unfortunately, it is unrecognized because the masses only see the "cute, adorable, attractive, harmless, gentle " appearance of the rabbit.
*Their followers are out to coddle and protect this sweet, gentle rabbit.

Their followers remain unaware of the truth of what they truly represent. 
They swoon over them and become very attached to them.
*They rabbits sit in an open cage. 

They appear to be free and appear to bring freedom and refreshment. Note: The cage is open.
But they are actually trapped/imprisoned.
The cage is still a cage.

My question to you is this -
Do you have a 'rabbit' in your life ? 
Someone or a group who seems wonderful, loveable and whom you adore and feel led to protect. 
Yet at times the Lord releases warnings and there is a disturbance in your spirit about it?
If so ... I would urge you to ask the Lord for revelation on the matter along with a confirmation. 
Is this ministry "clean" or is it time to separate yourself and walk into an intimate room, spending time alone with Jesus ?

Ahava Sarah Fischer

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Tamara J said…
I love the truth revealed in this dream!! I also think the Living Room of the house where the rabbits, etc. are indicates life in the Outer Court. It's significant that the young man (Yeshua) is in the bedroom, which is farther into the house, indicating life in the Holy Place - intimate relationship. The rabbits (and what they represent) easily become distractions from going farther into the Holy Place. "Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting ... Pv. 31:30"

Tony Brown said…
Amazing revelation, thank you for sharing this with us.

Be blessed in His Name.

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