Pray and become Wise ...

In addition to the following wisdom extolled by Madame Guyon, I would also add waking up in the early hours for prayer ... My favourite prayer being the Lord's Prayer ( in particular the syriac Aramaic translation of the Lord's prayer.)

Ahava Sarah Fischer

" Oh, my God, if the value of prayer were but known, the great advantage which accrues to the soul from conversing with Thee, and what consequence it is of to salvation, everyone would be assiduous in it.

It is a stronghold into which the enemy cannot enter. He may attack it, besiege it, make a noise about its walls; but while we are faithful and hold our station, he cannot hurt us. It is alike requisite to dictate to children the necessity of prayer as of their salvation.

Alas! unhappily, it is thought sufficient to tell them that there is a Heaven and a Hell; that they must endeavor to avoid the latter and attain the former; yet they are not taught the shortest and easiest way of arriving at it.

The only way to Heaven is prayer; a prayer of the heart, which every one is capable of, and not of reasonings which are the fruits of study, or exercise of the imagination, which, in filling the mind with wandering objects, rarely settle it; instead of warming the heart with love to God, they leave it cold and languishing. Let the poor come, let the ignorant and carnal come; let the children without reason or knowledge come, let the dull or hard hearts which can retain nothing come to the practice of prayer and they shall become wise.

O ye great, wise and rich, have ye not a heart capable of loving what is proper for you and of hating what is destructive?

Love the sovereign good, hate all evil, and ye will be truly wise. When ye love anyone, is it because ye know the reasons of love and its definitions? No, certainly. Ye love because your heart is formed to love what it finds amiable. Surely you cannot but know that there is nought lovely in the universe but God. Know ye not that He has created you, that He has died for you? But if these reasons are not sufficient, which of you has not some necessity, some trouble, or some misfortune? Which of you does not know how to tell his malady, and beg relief?

Come, then, to this Fountain of all good, without complaining to weak and impotent creatures, who cannot help you; come to prayer; lay before God your troubles, beg His grace—and above all, that you may love Him. None can exempt himself from loving; for none can live without a heart, nor the heart without love. "

~ from the Autobiography of Madame Guyon

The Lord's Prayer 
Our Father who art in Heaven
Hallowed be Thy name
Thy Kingdom come
Thy will be done
On earth as it is in heaven

Give us this day our daily bread
And forgive our debts
As we have forgiven our debtors
Let us not fall into temptation
But deliver us from evil

For Thine is the Kingdom
Power and the Glory
For ever and ever


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