Jehovah Jireh - Yahweh sees

18 April 2014 -

I was on the support line with Amazon and I feel like the Lord wanted to do something for the guy offering me technical support lol :)

It occurred to me that our conversation may be recorded but I seemed to be receiving the go-ahead from the Holy Spirit.

So I told him what I do ( Live a supernatural life filled with signs, wonders & miracles :) along with ministering healing ). Then, gracefully led into asking if he needed any assistance from the Lord.

Turns out he needed prayer for his personal life. I prayed for him and he felt the power of God. I also reminded him of the authority He has in Christ and of the Grace that is upon His life. I told him to keep speaking and claiming that Grace in every aspect of his life.

He said, " Wow you don't know how much I needed this prayer. I really needed that right now. Thank you ! "

He was so grateful .

Jehovah Jireh, He sees, He knows, He provides all our needs :)

je-ho'-va-ji'-re (yahweh yir'-eh, "Yahweh sees"): 

The name given by Abraham to the place where he had sacrificed a ram provided by God, instead of his son Isaac (Genesis 22:14). The meaning plainly is that the Lord sees and provides for the necessities of His servants. There is an allusion to Genesis 22:8 where Abraham says, "God will provide himself (the Revised Version, margin "will see for himself") the lamb for a burnt offering." The verse (22:14 the King James Version) goes on to connect the incident with the popular proverb, "In the mount of the Lord it shall be seen" ( International Standard Bible Encyclopedia )


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