Walking like Lions ...

Will the real, living Christian please step up ... - Thank you Pete Cabrera Jr  & Brook Potter 

These men are the real deal.

LIVING the Bible ... Breathing Life into the everyday.
For the man or woman who lives the Word, Signs and Miracles must follow them.

' I didn't come to Preach the gospel , I came to LIVE it . ' Pete Cabrera Jr

Jesus said we will do Greater Miracles than Him ... As guided by Jesus, we are now in the Era of the New Covenant, that is reigned by Grace and Truth ...

What does this New Covenant mean ?

It means no judgement, no condemnation, no shouting out the Law at every turn in an attempt to intimidate and control by Fear ...

It means no Ego ...
yet total confidence in God and a good heart that aims to help and give to others.
It means Compassion, Forgiveness for the mistakes of others and our own.
For that is the Hallmark of Grace ...
It is elegant, it is refined, it is noble ... Kind yet Strong. ♥
And above all it Seeks Peace .

Grace even forgives us who walk in it, when we may slip terribly at times ...
Even if we say we are imperfect , Grace claims we are Perfect.

That is its Nature ...
It is Generous.
And Grace walks with Truth.

Grace is so loving with us, it shows us to cease judging and to receive all good things. Even if this generous blessing defies what appears as physical, pragmatic reality.

Grace is the great Liberator !

That's how you know that the Holy Spirit lives in you ...
You have free reign to Blossom like a Flower and your Perfume will be a fragrance to all.
For it LIVES within you and it Will manifest with Miracles that defy physical law.

We have dominion over all things and our Lives will Demonstrate it more and more with each day. It will astound you what transpires when the Holy Spirit makes your body its home ♥

Pete Cabrera Jr  and Brook Potter are living examples if you need proof of what Christianity is designed to be ... rather than the wild, dogmatic, angry, holier than thou, so-called Christians & religious folk who are out to persecute everyone.

' There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. ' ~ Romans 8:1

The name Satan means 'The Accuser' or 'The Prosecutor'.
So if you see someone engaged in regular condemnation/judgement of others,
you know what's going on. 

That's not Christianity, that's a Lie ... and it's Time for the Truth ♥

Mahira Amir Khan
Mermaid Bliss 

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