When Darkness sees Greatness about to Occur ...

When Darkness sees Greatness about to occur , it weaves in and through people , events , even technology can be influenced to create disturbances ensuring that powerful alchemies do not occur ...

Let's say this has happened. ... even if darkness has had its way with you , laughing as it made you its naive toy , your job now is to become aware of its influences and distractions ... What is Real what is Not ? Become very aware of how you have been played for a fool ... 

But make it known that things are very different now. Your eyes are Seeing . 

You're in charge now and you're well aware of the games that are played. Games thar you will not fall for any further ... You are infinitely stronger greater wiser than the elements that seek to possess you . You will not be owned by elements that are beneath you .

You are already Victorious , experiencing Prosperity , Love , Joy , Beauty , vivid health , Harmony and Abundance . You are the King or Queen of your Life and no one is about to take that Majesty away from you ... 

~ written by Mahira Amir Khan aka Mermaid Bliss

Watch out for my soon to be released book :) More details on www.mermaidbliss.com


copyright Mahira Amir Khan 2012

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