' A trip to Shangri-la ' - by Mahira A.

I sat in my chair a few nights ago, pondering Life ...and a piece of writing revealed itself ... in an hour ... I write this for my gentlest of friends who find this world overly harsh to live in... I hope you enjoy this experience :)

Much LoveMahira A.

Note : All my writings & poetry are copyright. You can contact me at mahiraamirkhan@gmail.com .


Summoned to these quarters
an Angel sits before me
Scroll in hand
feathered quill 
laying by the seam of his heart

A scribe he is
of a very unusual lineage

i look beyond the oddity of this sight before me
glancing to my sides
And there they are !

My heart sings like a million butterflies in ecstatic flight
My face glows yearning to run into their arms !
Oh regal Father, Oh Divine Mother
how Glorious a Sight you are!
What a magnificent pair you make !

How I have missed you and have longed to see u again 

Mesmerised with love
i smile upon them
a hopelessly enamored admirer
I am blessed in return
never was there a gaze
so lovingly returned as this
I am complete 
and my heart is aglow
There is no more that I need !

But there he sits
distracting my perfect view ....
with his feathered pen
silkily flowing in the perfumed air

A frown?

In Heaven ?

A stern glance ?

Surely not ...

He shakes his head
arms stoicly crossed
And then ... 

He speaks

'You have summoned  me ?
And thus you summon us.
Are you aware of the travesty ....

That is not the way in works dear Soul ...

Yes you are Loved here
And most certainly you are welcomed

But we are to Summon you ...

you are never to summon us ...
not like this ...

And then the air halts
and the burden of my action
so heavily laid before me
My chin drops
as my eyes close
choosing not to see

Sitting in my golden chair
this majesty I have always known
grasping onto silky arms
that I grew up accustomed to
only the very finest
caressing supple limbs

He speaks again

'You have chosen to renege on your Commitment
You have taken extreme measures to End a Life
Yours ...

My dear you have jumped beyond your rhythms and cycles
you are too swift
too impatient
and now the shards pour
glittering fragmentations
gleaming like slivers of broken Glass
striking their painful mark

You have been brash with the hands of time
refusing to gently hold them
instead you grasped them
locking them in a merciless grip
and so it has come to this ...'

His captive audience of one
stunned into solemnity
my velvet tongue has lost its pallor
my words escape me
my pleading looks
in the direction of my beloved Makers
delivered to no avail

They gaze at me ... suddenly firm
and decisive

Of what decision are they making ?
I wonder

Why did I allow this to happen
how did I choose this
in my brief moment of madness
I was vulnerable to darkness
heeding its call
to destroy a rare Gift of Life
to take a gallant heartbeat
aiming quite succinctly to stifle it
Why ?
When Gifts abound aplenty
when miracles were my everyday?

Yet amidst the many blessings
I was tired
and downcast
observing a Battle that bound this Life
it overwhelmed me
one of epic proportions
surpassing oceans and continents
travelling beyond this planet

This Apocalyptic War between Good & Evil
the darkness that invades bodies, minds and souls
Like an unwanted guest
it perpetrated our kingdom grounds
Running through nature
recklessly setting fires to our lands
releasing blasphemy to the wind

Lacing our clouds
our waters our soil
coloring our blooms 
with fatal pigments
degrading our soils
and then in utter impudence
bore lethal offerings
to the Mother
that tore the purest down
as they lay captive in muddied fields 

Tribe, against tribe
witnessed poisoned arrows
flying through skies
that were no longer clear

Luminary against luminary
the perfect deception, 
these veils that were placed upon us all

The ultimate in arrogance
attempted to kill our souls
steal our health
traumatize our bodies

Yes I have found my Voice !
With passion I speak up

'Sir the sadness befell me
Infinite sadness
infinite despair
and I knew not how to help the world

This futility grew on my heart
once so soft and loving
so happy, bright
and so forgiving
it grew hard
and angry

It made my limbs weary
my soul was left raw
a feeling I was not accustomed to
I was no longer myself
in that human attire
a dissatisfaction a dis-ease
began to overtake me
I must confess
I wanted nothing of the burden
longing for playfulness and joy to return again

Missing my home
and my family
I wanted to be with all of you
I longed for our deep harmony
Our caring community and heavenly ways
I sought out the lighthearted joy and peace once more
Then chose to be done with this game that is so rigged 
and filled with deception, manipulation and heartbreak

I missed Paradise
not just for me
but  for all ...'

A closer glance upon me
and his frown deepens
he Speaks

'And now ?
Looking back
What must have been done instead ?
Instead of falling at the feet of villains
Could you have mustered the strength 
to raise a knee
and courageously rise
pounding upon your chest
standing fully abreast let out a Mighty Roar ? 

My dearest Soul
You are a Lionheart
not a weathered Leaf !

Your lineage 
so sacred
it defies all mention

Rather than exiting your cave filled with treasure
Can you not see that your path blazes with gold ?
My profoundly young student
Can u not garner your allies
that come before you
with hungry hearts
craving to lavish on the same feast as yours ?

Can u not stop to watch those who oppose you
and step out of their paths ?
Calling protection at any moment
from the Army
that was created for you ?
Your tools are aplenty ...
Can u not see beyond the Darkness
catching sight of shy,naive beauty
Light a magnificent candle
to illuminate all ?

Knowing this sweet beloved
Can you return?
You must return
You will fulfill your promise

Remember the very beginnings
when you sat before your Father and Mother
brushing knees with the Archangels
who looked so fondly upon you 
even now....
Your heart, just as it was then
was filled to the brim
with so much Love and Power
like the rim of the Holy Grail 
you bubbled with ecstacy and firm resolve '

I hear his words 
yet I glance quickly to my side 
for assurance
spying on my Father
who nods with loving care
My gaze is pulled towards my Mother
she greets my eager eyes
smiling so sweetly
I bask in her warmth
hungry for her radiance 
it seems all is well

and then the army of Angels he speaks of
brilliantly appear ... 

as I quickly gasp
this most exquisite Sight !!

And yet despite the Majesty that has occured
he continues his lengthy lecture
this Angel, whose Identity remains unknown

He speaks
'Remember the Love you felt for them
that has clearly never changed
You adored them
and to prove the testimony of your love
you promised to do all
to give all
to see their Will be Done ?

Allow me take you back further
Dear one
to this very first instance 
that love infiltrated your heart
Pure love
it weaved in with a thread of loyalty
that embroidered your chest
it sang a noble pledge
a tune so deliciously inspiring
then beauty appeared
revealing exquisite features
and all in its presence
oohing and aahing in delight
and admiration 

This moment,
like a drop in the infinite waters of the galaxy
is remembered by all

You stepped forth
and offered a solemn promise
to reclaim Paradise on Earth
Borne of your own accord
Announcing quite brazenly
that In spite it all
the immensity of your journey
You would claim victory
and challenges would have no further fate
than to fall to your feet
Unable to defy you

And from that instant
a warriors blood
began its journey
like a tidal wave
they coursed through mortal veins

Searing through fuschia trails
rose red and burgundy walls
that suddenly engulfed you
Piercing through a heart
blatantly filling your Lungs
with luscious breaths of air !

Remember the immortal love that found you
Embracing your heart
Lifting you higher
Propelling you forward with a force
that would support any goal
No matter how lofty or grand ?

This Love was gifted to you to be your nectar
a giver of a lifeforce
a tantric dance of energy
that would take into the highest realms
Remember the bliss that fed you ?
You feasted daily,
if I am to recall correctly

Your Prayers we have answered 

now your Promise you must keep. '

He stops
half frustrated
most definitely annoyed
and ... even in despair

What angel is this that is so perturbed by me ? I ponder

And then he conjures up another breath
regaling a passionate case once more

'Precious One
You must listen to me
with clarity
and humility
with open arms
you must receive this loving chastise

I take you back to that infinite moment
where His & Her Glory
Blazed mightily
they were so proud of you
touched and grateful for the nobility of your soul
You were created well
sculpted from divinity
Indeed your soul was pure
So immaculate
u heard Humanities cries
weeping so quietly ....

You answered her plea
with compassion 

You were so full of life 
Fed full with manna
and belief in your ability to conquer all
You began your journey thoroughly invincible
And the streams of gifts arrived
even at birth
You leapt through the air
more than that
You flew !

And still your doting parents watched over you
their favored child
with a care that was unceasing ....

I urge you to recall ...
the angels they created solely for you
that look at you besotted by the power & fire that you are
Do u remember them ?
or even have an inkling of who I might be ?
hear well my voice that has guided you often ....

Remember this Kingdom
a plane
of ethereal existence
laden with the nectar & kinship of Gods
Its destined to be yours for eternity
Despite all manners and appearances
that have deceived you.
you have worn a cloak of invisibility
one that you chose for this Life

Yet you are a most gifted child
kept hidden
Beloved and mighty
Remember their promise of paradise to you
and yours for them

Do you Remember ?

Well you must
because your cloak
I tear off your back
and at this moment ..... you shall return '

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*All my writings are copyright. 
**Please contact mahiraamirkhan@gmail.com for more details. Thank you, Mahira Amir Khan.


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