' You Poison Me ... ' by Mahira A.

Here is a poem that's quite special to me. It takes a certain depth of vision to understand it. Don't be deceived by the title ... it really speaks of deliciousness :)

I wrote this poem a few days ago. I was simply waiting for a friend and I just happened to have my faithful laptop on me. Needless to say I whipped it out as I was feeling a moment of inspiration and 15 minutes later, a poem was born.
I do hope you enjoy it :)

Much Love
Mahira A.
Note : All my writings & poetry are copyright, so please contact me at mahiraamirkhan@gmail.com if you are interested in my work.

' You Poison Me ... '

You poison me
You wrap your tentacles around my mind
Your poison drifts into my sleep
I close my eyes
Eyelashes flutter
And none can see this
Beauty’s dream

Everything they taught me
All shapes and forms
And limitations
The structure I live in
Now suddenly alive and vivid !
It gleams !
I see its luminous edges
I see the mighty cliffs where it falls
Precarious marbled cliffs
Laced with treasures
They sink to depths unknown

And down I spiral
To the ocean’s bottom
My lustrous tresses trailing behind
This mermaid drowned
By her own fate
Curiosity’s quiet form
Fed her a goblet filled with the sweetest bile

Her ocean friends
Dive in to greet her
Feeding off the ecstacy of death
Exquisite jellyfish and tangerine speckled fins
Violet gills that breathe in life anew
They spin, they gather
They begin the dance around her

This acid creeps into mortal minds
And to this luscious water nymph
Shows her immortality

Warm trails of potent nectar
eat all her limitations
Blinders gone ..
All thoughts released from her
It is here that she greets Divinity

She Sees all
She Knows all

Humbled ..
She bows in honor
Given this gift
Of an audience with Celestial Beauty
She feels its glow
Its pulsating heart
So warm , so true

This time she sings
All Life
All Veins, All Channels, All Intricacies
now made clear

She cooes and smiles
Seeing this diverse network
of creation
And His ...
Her Creation, Her Distraction, her Delicious Decision ...
His Creation, His Attraction, his Magnificent Delight

The Sceptre passes into her hands
And so she Sees ...

Oh there is nothing quite like life on this planet
The passage to dimensions unknown !

Drink on mermaid
Let mortal minds be poisoned ...

written by Mahira Amir Khan, copyright 2011 


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