' Adrift ' by Mahira Amir Khan ( 2007 )

Flow with the currents
Tempestuous, thrilling currents
As I ride and soar through frosty waves
And bear the searing attack of the deepest sea
Tides whip and batter my bruised center
And yet I learn... 
an Open Heart is my best Armour
As I navigate these stormy waters
Oh ! lash upon me Nature with Blatant Beauty
I Dare you to unleash my Challenge !
Blue diamond waves and turquoise fish
Do glitter dangerously and surreptitously wink
You beautiful, treacherous beings
invite me with your wiles
My heart flutters
while my head cautions
But never will I Scorn
That upon my birth, 
This deed I signed
And to this Adventure I committed
So bring it forth !
I bare my soul to its Astounding journey
Living Life's Great Promise
With a Lion's heart
bolder than the wildest drift
My head erects with the hint of a smile
As I sail the Stirring Seven Seas.

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